They should be safer in Canada now??

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    So that it will be here when it times out from the newspaper site.


  2. What a crock! And pretty soon, and those same heavyhanded jackboot tactics are coming to YOUR town soon, thanks to the 'Bama Bunch:mad::mad:
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    Being a gun nut and I feel that it stinks the different district laws (federal, county, city) laws that we have to deal with.

    But, it is the gun owner's responsibility to be current. It's like the CCW here in WY, they are good for 5 years and you can renew within 6 month of expiration for a reduced rate. If you miss your renewal date, you get the higher rate and have to wait the 2 months for approval again. If you are caught carrying with expired CCW, you are booked.

    "No one ever said, look, you have to renew your license; we'll give you two weeks, here's the paperwork you need; and in two weeks, if you don't have the license we'll have to ask you for the gun." It's the owner's responsibility to be current, at least they offered to store the weapon. Some places that I lived, will confiscate, destroy and the owner gets a court appearance.

    "My gun? It is a single-barrel .20 gauge shotgun. It is 40 years old. I used to take it into the woods up north to get partridge in the fall.
    The last time I used it, I was walking along a hydro cut when I surprised a deer in the long dry grass. She leapt away in slow motion, flanks rippling, nostrils flaring; too beautiful.
    I haven't hunted since."

    Unless the weapon is rendered unusable, it is still a weapon and all rules apply. I am the same way, no I dont think that hunters are Bambi killers, but it is not for me. I can and will defend myself, my family and anyone in need against the 2 legged predator without hesitation. If the anti-gun nuts could get ammo on something like "60% failure to renew" I can hear "this proves CCWs are not responsible enough for doing something as simple of tracking a date, how can we trust the responsibility of owning a weapon".

    If I sound not apathetic to this story, I'm not. Owning a weapon is huge responsibility. When we do our part in keeping up with the rules, we give the anti-gun nuts less ammo. I have heard a WY govt rep speak on the CCW here. One comment was like, one of the main reasons he doesn’t have to fight for our right to carry is that the CCWs follow the rules and regs without incident. We are helping him to help us.

    I am not anti-gun, I am for the background checks and training requirements for CCW, I am not naive that my weapons are "not registered" I know that weapons can be traced through paperwork. It will be a sad day if we ever have the anti-gun nuts win and we lose our right for gun ownership. But I am pro-law. It is ultimately up to us by our voting to maintain "our friends" in place. This is a democracy, and majority rules.
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  4. All, yes ALL gun laws on a federal level are in violation of the 2nd Amendment, that includes background checks to purchase a firearm and filling out the 4473 (the NICS/4473 system is nothing but a thinly veiled form of backdoor gun registration). I'm "pro-law" also, but how many more blatently UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL gun laws will we bend over and take? Will you still be "pro-law" when gov't jackboots kick in your door and demand your guns? I'll no longer be "pro-law" at that point. Oh dear, I guess I'm on one of Janet's lists now:rolleyes: And if you notice, all of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws that are passed are ALWAYS passed under the cloak of "public safety" or "reducing crime." Does restricing law-abiding citizen form exersicing their GOD GIVEN RIGHT of self-defense really make us all safer?:rolleyes: How much crime has been prevented by passing the laws that force me to submit to an invasion of my privacy when I decide to buy a new gun? How much crime was prevented during Slick Willie's "Assault Weapons" ban? How much crime have the stupid, illogical, and assinine legislation that has originated with the "Brady Bunch" prevented? How much crime did DC's handgun ban prevent? How much crime do the assinine CA gun laws prevent? How many felons are prevented form obtaining guns by the NICS when they can just walk down to the street corner and buy a stolen gun from Shady Raul? The only people that are safer because of gun laws and gun control are criminals and politicians.

    And, we are NOT a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. The whole concept of the US being a democracy was started by progressives back at the turn of the 20th century as part of their assault against our history, our rights, our free agency, and our Constitution. And by "majority," do you mean the majority of the population that DISAGREE with what the liberals/progressives are doing?
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