They want a military Dictatorship ?

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    Jun 27, 2001

    This is really scary! Bush can't even decide what to have for
    breakfast. His NWO puppet masters tell him what to do and say. He was selected by a "bought and paid for" Supreme Court with the deciding vote cast by CFR member Chief Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Shortly afterward, Kathryn Harris of
    Florida who helped in the vote fraud and who was also admitted into this elite organization of industrial-military complex, and media moguls who used the infamous CIA to do their dirty work here and abroad. Truman said, "Presidents are picked, they always have been, and they always will be." "THE HIGH OFFICE OF PRESIDENT HAS BEEN USED TO FOMENT A PLOT TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN'S FREEDOM, AND BEFOREI LEAVE OFFICE I MUST INFORM THE CITIZEN OF HIS PLIGHT." John F. Kennedy, at Columbia University, 12th Nov. 1963 - 10 days before his murder on November 22,1963, so he never got to tell us. According to FOIA documents, JFK thwarted the Chief Joints of Staff's plan assisted by the CIA to attack America in a 9-11 scenario as a pretext of war with Cuba called "Operation Northwoods." He wanted to dismantle the CIA (smash it into 10,000 pieces), abolish the Federal Reserve, put our money on the silver standard instead of fiat paper currency (bringing about our current demise), and end the Viet Nam war -- none of this fit the NWO plan, and he was assassinated by the CIA, and those who co-opt it.

    Are those six out of 600 at Gitmo? Are they CIA assets that know too much? So far, the govt. is unable to find lawyers to go to Gitmo because the evidence is so slanted in the government's favor; and they refuse to share it for "discovery" as is normally done in any case, so there is no possible way for them to win. If the government has any real evidence, then give the accused "due process" and bring them into a court of law. If Bush is allowed to do this in secret, then there will be same retaliation for our troops serving in hostile countries who are captured. Moreover, if they can do this to foreigners, they can start to doing the same thing to any American citizen they have name as an "enemy combatants" or "domestic terrorists" (now in custody) or picked up on just suspicion, then can be held, tried, and executed in secret. Thisleaves the door open for wide-spread abuse, as done by Hitler.

    Ironically, Bush hypocritically shed tears during his European trip,
    after visiting Auschwitz, meanwhile he's torturing minors (causing the last General to resign in disgust), and building Death Camps, at Guantanamo Bay.
    Torturing is not permitted on US soil and why the token terrorists (conscripted soldiers and Taliban militia we funded) were taken off shore to Gitmo, as well we may be.
    These death camps are being built by Cheyne's Halliburton, complete with a death row, and execution chamber, and I doubt it's just for 6 people, when a firing squad would be a whole lot cheaper if they're found guilty. US plans death camps.,5936,6494000^401,00.html "The President determined that six enemy combatants currently detained by the United States are subject to his Military Order of November 13, 2001."
    It was Wolfowitz that said minutes after 9-11 and that Americans would have to give up their freedom, one of the PNAC (formed 6/3/97) boys calling for a regime change in Iraq before Bush became president, starting in Afghanistan. In the hands of an attorney, there are memos between him, Perle and other members of PNAC calling for another "Pearl Harbor event," as well as depositions of military personnel who know the real story. Bush pushed through Patriot 1 and Homeland Security with pork and intimidation to abrogate the Constitution, which was designed to take away our freedoms and liberties too. They are so good at multi-tasking to get the most bang for the buck. Pun intended. They want a military dictatorship in America.
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