Think obama's worried after the debate?

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    Here you go.

    Much is being made of the devastating blow that Mitt Romney administered to President Obama in the first presidential debate Wednesday night. Romney was masterful; Obama was incomprehensible. Romney was presidential; Obama was incoherent. Romney schooled Obama; Obama responded by doing the hand motions to "The Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round." Republicans and conservatives alike were cheering. Even Romney skeptics like me happily conceded that Romney was the right guy all along. There will be an October surprise from the Obama camp, but they got one themselves Wednesday night.

    Obama was rambling, fumbling, stuttering. He was terrible. This was a great night for freedom-lovers. If sixty million Americans were watching, freedom has a shot at resuscitation. Even Obama's own camp was crestfallen. Bill Maher tweeted: "Obama made a lot of great points tonight. Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney." And: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter." Maher is noticing only now? Andrew Sullivan tweeted in dismay: "This is a rolling calamity for Obama."

    But is Obama worried? Not for a second. He doesn't care. Because that's not his job. Obama is merely the pretty face for the über-left monster. Let's face it: Obama is merely a figurehead. A happy face for the anti-American, anti-individual, anti-capitalist revolution. He's a movie star, nothing more. He's an impressive façade with nothing behind it, like a Hollywood set. But the American people should be concerned about his puppet masters: Reverend Wright, George Soros, Bill Ayers, and a cabal of Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood operatives. That's who's running the country.

    Obama is implementing and instituting everything on the radical, socialist, and Islamic supremacist wish list, without compromise. As far as Obama is concerned, it's up to them to deliver him. It's up to the culture, it's up to the media, it's up to J-Lo and the other soulless airheads in Hollywood. Obama is merely the face that the monster is wearing.

    So is he worried? Not on your life. His contempt for the American intellect has been demonstrated. He doesn't think his constituency is even watching. They get their talking points from the mothership -- whether it's Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, or MSNBC. Goebbels-style talking points devoid of logic, accuracy, and fact. Obama goes on The View, Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel, and he would even go on Romper Room if it were still on the air, exuding cool, hip, and groovy vibrations. And all is right with the world, even as U.S. embassies are attacked, our ambassadors are killed, jihadi revolutions overthrow our secular allies, and the economic machine that empowers this magnificent nation is routed, and the Saturday Night Live band plays on. What, me worry?

    As soon as the bell rang on the close of the debate, the leftist/Islamic machine went into huddle and started hammering on an imaginary inconsistency in Romney's flawless performance. And they've been jackhammering ever since. Obama knows this going in: he's counting on America watching Real Housewives of...pick a city. But sixty million people watched. Can they be talked out of what they saw? Chris Matthews and the rest of Obama's media and civilian army are counting on it.

    Obama doesn't have to worry because the media will provide for all his deficiencies. As far as the left is concerned, the debate doesn't start until after it's over. The media is like the man with the shovel following behind Obama the circus elephant. Ever since the debate ended, they've been in fifth gear, spinning a completely new narrative. America, don't believe your eyes; believe the leftist lies. They are busy answering points Romney made and impugning the accuracy of Romney's assertions.

    And if miraculously Romney pulls it out, Obama will not accept any of the blame. Instead, the blame will lie squarely on the shoulders of the enormous leftist machine.

    Is it true that it doesn't matter? That as brilliant and in command and presidential as Romney was, it's a fait accompli? That remains to be seen. There's no question about it: the first presidential debate was a game-changer. The question is: is the game already over? That question will ultimately be answered by the American people.

    Is Obama right, and we are beneath contempt? Unworthy of respect? And this great constitutional republic that millions before us fought and died for is also unworthy of respect and beyond redemption? Or will the wheels on Obama's bus come off before the finish line? That's the question.

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    If he doesn't win the election, the fallout from all the groups that are trying to destroy this nation will start immediately. Groups like the DNC (the new American Communist Party), The New Black Panthers, CAIR, SEIU and so many others will do everything within their power to cause and promote civil unrest. Also be prepared for the inuendos, the platitudes and the outright lies that will be told. With a "News Media" that is a branch of the DNC, the lies will begin as soon as the votes are cast, no matter who wins. Remember how Geoge Bush "stole" the election from Al Gore, you'll see and hear more lies like this. It's very likely that someone maybe along the likes of an Al Franken will find the necessary cast ballots in the trunk of someones car to sway the vote towards Obummer.
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    Perhaps, it will then be time to take our Republic back. Soon, it will be too late.
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    Instead of stirring rhetoric filled with hope and promise, Obama pledged that under his leadership, "our path is harder" and "our road is longer."
    Seriously? After four years of the worst economic recovery since the Depression, falling incomes, lower-paying jobs, increased hopelessness and exploding debt, all Obama has to offer is that he'll make this nightmare last even longer?
    He also told the public that they "elected me to tell you the truth" not to "tell you what you wanted to hear," but then proceeded to hide inconvenient truths while filling the public's ears with sweet nothings.
    For example, he pledged government help for everyone who could possibly want or need it, but managed to avoid any mention of the hard truth that the national debt just topped $16 trillion and entitlements are unsustainable.
    He said he'd spend money saved from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on roads, bridges and schools. Even the liberal press wasn't buying this one. As the AP pointed out, Obama "laid claim to a peace dividend that doesn't exist."
    Obama promised to "take responsible steps" that would "keep the promise of Social Security." But he failed to mention that the only options he's left on the table are raising taxes or cutting benefits. That may not be what people want to hear, but it's the absolute truth.

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