Thinking of a new .223 or .308 rifle...

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  1. So here in the next few months I'm hoping to ad a couple of rifles to my battery. One will be a bolt action for long range work, but I also want some sort of battle rifle or carbine. I've been hashing it over in my head and just can't seem to narrow it down. So, here are the options that I've come up with; let's see what you guys have for ideas…

    Springfield Armory M1A, either a standard or Scout model: I've owned a couple in the past and already set up with magazines and gear.

    M1 Garand Tanker in .308: I'm also set up with clips and gear. The downside is no scope mounting.

    DPMS AP4 in .308: I really like the configuration and easily changeable sight systems but would need to buy magazines.

    AR180 or AR180B: I've owned one in the past and really like them. I have lots of M16 magazines that can easily be adapted for the AR180 (regular M16 mags work on the AR180B) and even a few that are already to go. Also kept a few accessories and like the dovetail scope rail system quite a lot.

    AR15: I'm very well set up and could either buy one new complete of just an upper for Bushmaster DCM. I'm planning on buying a new upper with 24" heavy barrel anyway.
  2. fyimo

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    Jul 7, 2009
    If you want a good bolt action rifle that is accurate and not a military type sniper rifle the Ruger Model 77 in 308 is an excellent rifle. It comes with Ruger scope mounts that are rock solid.

  3. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    I am kinda looking for a Springfied M1A myself, so I would say go with that one. It is a proven military rifle. I personally do not like the shorter scout or SOCOM or what ever they call it.

    If I could find one in good shape I would be willing trade my FNH PS90 for it!!
  4. kansas45

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    Sep 29, 2006
    Between Two Rivers
    I love the AR15 that I built from the ground up a few years ago. The other .223 is a Tikka Varmint Stainless 24" barrell. This is one great rifle. I am very happy with it. My .308 is also a Tikka Varmint with the 24" blued barrell. I use this one for long distance sports.
  5. glocknut

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    I've got M14 on the brain.....

  6. The Rebel

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    I got a M-14 Standard Model last year and really like it. I have several battle rifles and am fortunate I bought my M-1 Garand & M-1 Carbine back in the '80's. Garand was $300 and Carbine was $200.00 (Originals '42 & '43). My M-14 was $1,400.00 !!! "Inflation" & "Supply - Demand." Great Weapons Of WWII. Remeber well my M-14 in the Army back in 1968 and shot "Expert." :D
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