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Discussion in 'The VMBB Poets' started by Admin, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Admin

    Admin Active Member Staff Member

    Feb 9, 2001
    This room be made for ALL Vets and/or family & friends of Poets who damn sure may or may not rhime, but say it with pride!

  2. Mesen

    Mesen Active Member

    Feb 16, 2001
    This room be really cool
    But sorta reminds me of school
    my teacher made me rhyme
    Not once but ALL the time
    Said in poetry that's the rule!

    But now that I've gotten older
    my poetry has gotten bolder
    If he could see the way
    that I'm writing today
    I'm sure his looks would be colder.

    see ya

  3. Hope 69/70

    Hope 69/70 New Member

    Jan 31, 2001
    JD,..........I hope I didn't give the wrong opinion regarding "This Room" in another thread titled same. I didn't mean you had to rhyme to post in here.

    Doing good Bree, will watch for more.

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