This was the same in 1960...

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    when they were pulling shrapnel out of me. What are the odds that they will get it changed now, 43 years later?

    U.S. Troops must PAY for their own food
    By Becky Blanton

    An Iraqi child recently dropped a grenade into Staff Sgt. William Murwin’s humvee and left him a partial amputee. Murwin spent almost a month in the hospital recovering from his injuries.
    It wasn’t until the Marine reservist returned to his job as a sheriff’s deputy, that he found out he had to pay for the food he ate in the hospital during his recovery.

    The $210.60 bill represented the $8.10 a day food costs the government charges injured military personnel while they’re in the hospital.

    “We hear from folks all the time that this must be an internet scam or joke,” said Kent Snyder, of Washington, D.C. Snyder publishes a website called “The Liberty Committee,” which is a watchdog organization for events and bills on capital hill.

    “But it’s no joke. It’s real and the government is finally doing something about it.” Florida congressman Bill Young not only sponsored House of Representatives (HR) Bill 2998, but paid Murwin’s bill themselves.

    Under current rules, military personnel receive $8.10 a day as a food allowance — not enough to buy them three meals a day at McDonalds.

    If they are hospitalized and able to receive free hospital food, they must reimburse the government for that $8.10 food allowance.

    “It’s the last item on the suspension calendar,” Snyder said. “It will, most likely pass.” Once the bill passes soldiers will no longer be billed for their food.

    As of Oct. 7 the bill had 238 cosponsors. “Congress is considering President Bush's request to spend billions of dollars to reconstruct Iraq including $153 million for landfills and 40 garbage trucks at $50,000 each; $400 million for two new prisons at $50,000 per bed; $100 million to restore the Euphrates River and the Hawizeh Marsh; $9 million for postal information architecture and Zip codes; and $50 million for buildings, equipment and vehicles for Iraq's traffic police,” Snyder said.

    “We think Congress should first feed America's wounded troops.”

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