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    Sorry for running late with this , i've tried adding web links to all i could

    i'll actually have this weeks up tomorrow i hope ,

    again sorry this one is late ... just finding all the links in english is hard folks ...


    Gadi Adelman: “We Know the Guy’s Here”, Pakistani Taliban in the US

    Al Qaeda 'American spokesman' urges attacks in the West

    Is Jerusalem sacred to Islam?

    U.N.: Islam is bad news for women

    If Islam was truly equal, then wouldn’t Mohamed be fair game?

    State Hillary Clinton announces plans to provide $2bn in military aid to Pakistan.

    Europe: Reacting to the Islamic Push

    North African states at risk of being overrun by al-Qaeda

    Iran, OIC and USA meet over Afghanistan

    The expansion of Sharia banking in the west

    PDF file: Ayaan Hirsi Ali owns the opposition in a debate, asking if Islam is a religion of peace

    OIC condemns Islamophobia, silent on Jihad attacks

    Andrew C. McCarthy: Who Says Islam Is Totalitarian?

    Hamas Leader Says No Recognition of Israel

    'Britain's Islamic republic:' full transcript of Channel 4 Dispatches programme

    Iran's Islamic Justice Is a Message to the World

    Is another stateless existence in the Jewish future?

    Preview of Muslim cartoon to be show on US TV from Jan 2011

    The 5 Most Blatant Wikipedia Smears of Anti-Jihad Activists

    Geert Wilders and the rise of political correctness

    Its logical to be Islamophobic

    Apology and Reparation in the Muslim World

    ♦ Minorities

    Christians in Egypt

    Christians in Indonesia

    Christians in Pakistan

    Christians in Turkey

    ♦ Mosques

    NEW YORK: Sheeps Head Bay Mosque permit denied

    ATHENS, GREECE: City’s first mosque to go ahead

    ♦ OhBummer

    OhBummer announces the acceptance of 80, 000 Muslim refuges in 2011.

    OhBummer, Man of the People? I Think Not.

    25 percent of OhBummer supporters have defected to GOP

    OhBummer and the deathly mid terms

    How OhBummer sabotaged the middle east peace talks

    OhBummer edits the Declaration of Independence


    The original CNS article

    ♦ USA

    Robert Spencer: A closer look at CAIR

    CAIR Defends Imam Who Led Jihad Rally...

    CAIR leader’s website inks to Al Awakis website

    Juan Williams fired over comments abut Muslims, CAIR complained


    Firing may be a violation of foreign agents registration act


    NPR CEO says Juan Williams should talk to psychiatrist for his Muslim remarks


    Youtube: Juan Williams responds to firing!


    Williams signed to Fox for a $2M, 3 year contract

    Muslims gather in Washington for 'Islam on Capitol Hill'


    CALIFORNIA: Temecula Islamic center hosts open house

    FLORIDA: Pastor Jones donates car to a group that helped abused Muslim women.

    IOWA: Former Des Moines Imam arrested on immigration-related charges

    NEW YORK: Four are found guilty In Bronx bomb plot

    OKLAHOMA: ACT! For America launches media blitz on anti-Sharia ballot

    Oklahoma Gets set to Vote on Sharia~ Muslims Whine~ Video

    PENNSYLVANIA: Bank robber dressed in Burka

    PHILADELPHIA: Muslim fired for wearing headscarf is reinstated

    TENNESSEE: U.S. Government Intervenes In Murfreesboro Mosque Lawsuit


    Attorney for Mosque opponents slams Feds


    Assistant County Attorney asks chancellor to rule Islam a religion asks chancellor to rule Islam a religion

    TEXAS: Man who confessed to Dallas bomb threat to be sentenced


    Bomber gets 24 tears Jail

    Fort Hood shooting: Al Qaeda now portrays Nidal Hasan as terrorism star


    Prosecutors presenting final evidence against accused Fort Hood gunman, defense plan unclear

    Arlington imam, wife accused of marriage fraud

    VIRGINIA: man set to plead guilty to supporting terrorists


    He pleads guilty

    WASHINGTON: Woman arrested after Muslim women harassed

    ♦ Israel

    IDF strikes Qassam cell in Gaza; 1 Hamas man killed,7340,L-3970269,00.html

    Netanyahu says contact renewed with Hamas negotiator about prisoner swap

    Hamas parliament member arrested,7340,L-3970946,00.html

    Israeli abducted in Nigeria released,7340,L-3972014,00.html

    Muslim brothers arrested over a string of honor killings

    ♦ England

    Saudis warn of new terror threat in Europe

    Pregnant new bride dies after being set on fire in garden

    Claim of Islamic extremism at London University

    7/7 inquests: survivor Michael Henning says he was lucky to survive

    Update: Servant 'let Saudi prince kill him'


    Saudi Prince jailed for life

    Police face court over CCTV

    Fugitive Child Rapist Flees UK- Probably For Pakistan

    School looks to lead by example in creating a tolerant and accepting society

    British aid worker hostage freed in Somalia

    BBC Taking Advertising from ‘Infitada Fund’ Islamic Bank

    British Muslims are Taliban’s main bankrollers says commander

    Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbor claimed 'smell of frying bacon offends Muslims'

    Hardliners call for deaths of Surrey Muslims

    Birmingham man jailed for 6yo girl's fire-bomb killing

    Fundamentalist sympathizer "wins control of billion-pound council"

    Student jailed for 30 years to life for 'executing' Torquay couple

    Dragons' Den James Caan 'regrets offer to buy baby'

    ♦ Scotland

    Portobello Mosque plan rejected

    Capital's hidden numbers of forced marriage victims

    ♦ Canada

    Prisons a breeding ground for terror: report breeding ground terror report/3687261/story.html

    Calgary elects first Muslim Mayor Elects First Muslim Mayor

    Quebec politicians debate proposed niqab ban politicians debate proposed niqab/3696665/story.html

    Canada slaughtering Camels for growing Muslims market

    ♦ Australia

    Australia man still held in Egypt over insulting religion

    Man who set wife on fire, not guilty, due to insanity

    Men evicted as Muslim witness removes veil in court

    Australian Seeks Tax Changes to Promote Sukuk: Islamic Finance

    Australia says no Aussie sheep for slaughter in Egypt

    ASIO Chief: Terrorist threat still real, hundreds of threats being investigated

    Man avoids jail for treating corpse with indignity

    ♦ Indonesia

    The extremes of moderate Islam

    Indonesia prosecutor seeks jail for cleric over child bride

    US to keep engagement despite torture of Papuans

    ♦ Philippines

    Aquino Meets Muslim Governors

    Bus bomb kills seven


    Updated: 10 confirmed dead

    ♦ Thailand

    Thailand extends emergency rule in restive south

    ♦ Malaysia

    Malaysian TV station fined over 'Christmas-like' Ramadan ad

    Hindu man murdered in Malaysia

    27 people arrested for drinking in public

    ♦ India

    Indian troops fight fierce gun battle with suspected rebels hiding in village in Kashmir

    Aligarh Muslim University plans new centers across India

    ♦ Pakistan

    Man marries two brides at the same time.

    Violence against women and minorities on the rise

    Osama Bin Laden alive and well in Pakistan

    73 dead in four days of target killings\10\20\story_20-10-2010_pg1_1

    Karachi hit by wave of political and ethnic violence

    Pak's double game on Afghanistan could backfire on it: Experts

    Five die, 30 hurt in Peshawar mosque blast

    ♦ Afghanistan

    British bomb disposal expert killed

    Eight children dead when bus hits bomb

    NATO convoy attacked, three dead

    Bomb kills Afghan District Governor

    Suicide Bomber Attacks UN Office

    ♦ France

    Saudis warn Europeans of terrorist threat: French minister


    France increases security after new terror threat

    ♦ Germany

    Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed

    Jewish leader in Germany warns of radicalization of society

    Analysis: Germany holds inflamed debate on Islam and integration

    Germany indicts eight Islamists for supporting terrorism abroad

    Turkish immigrants ‘belong in Germany’, says Wulff

    Police see over 1,000 militant Islamists in Germany

    ♦ Netherlands

    Taliban warn of attack in Netherlands

    Turkey wants answers on Dutch coalition agreement

    Muslims threaten Christians in Asylum- seeker centers

    ♦ Geert on trial

    Defense opens its case in Wilders' hatred incitement trial


    Alleged Muslim victims of hate speech by anti-Islam politician plead for his conviction


    Wilders not trying to create conflict and divisions, says lawyer


    Dutch retrial ordered for Wilders hate speech case


    Retrial ordered after it emerged that one of the judges in the case had tried to sway a potential witness

    ♦ Algeria

    ♦ Bulgaria

    Al-Qaeda Sees Bulgaria as 'Legitimate Target'

    ♦ Russia

    Militants storm Chechen parliament in deadly standoff


    All insurgents dead

    Despite Official Measures, Bride Kidnapping Endemic In Chechnya

    ♦ Turkey

    Turkey Shields Iran from US Missile Defense in Europe

    Turkish PM says won't talk with Netanyahu,7340,L-3971398,00.html

    5 Al-Qaeda suspects detained in Turkey

    Turkey denies offering assistance to Gaza flotilla organizers

    ♦ Palestine

    Israel says Palestine has Anti aircraft missiles

    Blast in Hamas compound in Gaza wounds children

    Clinton Urges Arab Financial Support for Palestinians

    Aid convoy arrives in Gaza overland from Egypt,7340,L-3973222,00.html

    ♦ Iran

    Ahmadinejad: Israel will cease to exist

    Iran orders hand amputation of confessed thief

    Youtube: Ahmadinejad boosts Hezbollah with Lebanon visit

    Iran Releases Pastor’s Wife as Husband Faces Execution

    Iran confirms planes being refused fuel in Europe,7340,L-3971632,00.html

    3 soccer players in trouble for kissing female fan,7340,L-3971248,00.html

    US hitchhikers to go on trial November 6

    Christian Pastor to be executed for thought crime

    American detained in Iran for two years, returns home

    ♦ Iraq

    Ten dead after bomb attack in North

    Iraqi leaks show scale of civilian casualties


    WikiLeaks defends release of US Iraqi war documents


    Hosni Mubarak to seek sixth term

    Egypt shuts more private TVs, arrests opposition

    Australian yet to be charged in Egypt

    ♦ Lebanon

    300 kg (661lbs), of explosives found in south Lebanon,7340,L-3970225,00.html

    ♦ Syria

    Boy, 5, gets engaged to three-year-old. Rings bought for the happy couple to exchange

    ♦ UAE

    Muslim men can legally discipline wife, kids without leaving beating marks

    ♦ Kuwait

    Mob storms Kuwaiti TV station critical of ruling family

    ♦ Saudi Arabia

    US announces $60B arms sale for Saudi Arabia,7340,L-3972605,00.html

    Saudi judge in the dock for corruption tells court he was under a magic spell by the jinn


    Lawyer wants jinn to testify in court

    ♦ South Africa

    Pedophile Imam Case postponed again – 13 years on

    Former Muslim: Mullahs, Imams Coming to Christ in West Africa

    ♦ Somalia

    5 Killed, 3 Wounded as Somali Islamists Clash in Mogadishu As Somali Islamists Clash in Mogadishu

    Somali forces retake town from Islamists

    Schoolboy tells of how Islamists cut off his leg and hand

    25 Islamist militants killed in Somalia, government-backed group says

    ♦ Nigeria

    Muslim sect kills another Policeman

    Killings linked to Islamic sect

    Feared Muslim sect delivers murderous threats in Nigeria

    Court rejects forced marriage claim

    ♦ Uganda

    Court allows delay in World Cup bombing suspects case in which 76 people died
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