This woman is drinking her coffee and reading the morning paper

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    Jun 7, 2006
    and sees an article about the gorrilla that escaped from the zoo. She happens to glance outside and sees the gorilla in a tree in her front yard. She checks the yellow pages and there is only one "gorilla catcher" listed so she calles him and he comes right over. He opens his van and takes out a big cage, a pit bull, a baseball bat and a shotgun which he hands to her. She asks about all the equipment and how its all going to go down and why is she holding a shotgun.
    He says, "I'm going to climb up and use this bat to knock the gorilla out of the tree. This pit bull is specially trained to grab him by the nads and hold him till I get back down to lock him up." She says, "Well, that sounds like a pretty good plan but what's this shotgun for?"
    He says, "Lady, if that gorilla knocks ME outta that tree, you shoot that damn dog."

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