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    Jan 31, 2001
    Glendale Arizona
    You know Pilgrims, if we don't get on here and do some joshing with one another, and at least show an attempt at visiting, we are going to bear the wrath of Ms. Army when she returns. She will not tolerate our being slothenly and inept---gotta keep the news posted and the conversation brisk. I'll attempt an explanation (excuse) of being super busy--I have changed out both of the toilets in our home---worked on the shower valve, and changed out an overhead fan in one of the bedrooms. Beside that, I am making a vanity, with stool, for a neighbors child---when folks ask me to make something for them, I in turn always ask for a sketch/drawing of what they want, with dimensions---dang, people hate to draw a working sketch, so after a few days, I will inquire as to what they had in mind--more than a few times I have taken my tape and measured distances t'wixt their extended hands---or a mark on their body up from the deck to an imaginary point on their torso. Why do you suppose that is---people not wanting to transpose their ideas of something onto paper---my wife wouldn't think of making a dress without a pattern--maybe it's like the dumb old chicken doesn't have a copy of an egg to follow, but they turn them out without any trouble. Anyway, the 3 year old child will get her vanity (with mirror), and stool---I'll get my scrawny old neck hugged super tight from Mom because I don't take wages for my work---Dad will get me a gift cert. for my favorite Mexican restaurant. Besides the wood work, I do have a lot of time for swimming--the pool water is pee warm now---not that cold water shock any more---I have 3 of the best sellers to read, most recently Mitch Albom's THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN---from Fathers Day, I have the books BIG RUSS AND ME by Tim Russert and MORE THAN MONEY by Neil Cavuto. Since the 4th of July, the entire state of Arizona is under warnings of over use of electrical power---an enormous sub-station, out in the west valley, had an explosion and fire that took out three of these enormous transformers---they weren't those bitty things that hang up on the poles--these monsters were the size of small ranch homes---replacements are being railed down from Washington state and will arrive sometime this month---expected changeouts will take months according to reports, so we all are praying for cool weather and cooperating citizens to refrain from wasting energy. The largest nuclear power plant iin the country is out to our west 50 miles, but with the power grids, it's output is shared thruout the west as is the power from Hoover Dam. You know, for you folks who haven't retired yet, chances are you just may be more busy in retirement than you were when gainfully employeed---like the wife remarks often when I get in the way in her kitchen, "TWICE AS MUCH HUSBAND, HALF AS MUCH INCOME"----bless her, she has a way of turning a phrase---she always smiles when she say those words---could it be a grimace looks much the same as a smile? There is plenty of guano being slung in the political arena---it has even come down to who has the prettiest hair and wears the best shoes---ooohhhh, that tightens my jaws!!!
    I still take the time for private moments during the day to say words for the troops over there--alone and private, I pray for their safety and for the wisdom of their commanders and all the way up the chain---. Enjoy the days of summer Dear Friends---your friends and your families and your fellow Americans. Chief
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    Thanks for sharing, Chief.

    I surely don't want to incur the wrath of Ms. Army!!!!

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    Chief, if you ever run across it, grab a copy of a book named "Big Red" by John Haase. It has a very good account of the building of Boulder Dam. Zane Grey also had one called "Boulder Dam," which is worth the read.

    I grew up in Boulder City, the town which was built to house the construction workers on Boulder Dam. In the 50s, they changed the name to "Hoover Dam" but it will always be "Boulder Dam" to me. When the new signs went up, someone, who shall forever remain nameless, painted an extra letter at the end of the word Dam. Yes, grafitti was rampant, even in those days. :D

  4. rooter

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    Jan 31, 2001
    Glendale Arizona
    On the subject of graffiti, Pops--when the bride and I ventured down to Matzatlan Mexico this past Frebuary, I had never seen so much of the stuff in my life---it seemed rather than paint the exterior of very nice buildings, the builders would just let the artists have they go at it---I mean mulit-storied structures with graffiti right up to the eves and gables---don't have the foggiest of how the scribblers would get into the positions to do it but there it was---lots of snakes heads so it meant something ethnic to someone. I used to be entertained by the junk guys would write on the toilet walls/stalls---one time I was particuarlly entertained when I visited the urinal--there above the fixture, in a childish looking scrawl was this sonnet of sorts: DON'T LOOK UP HERE FOR A JOKE---YOU'RE HOLDING IT IN YOUR HAND. What a gift some fool had to waste it that way!!!! Chief
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