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    I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that there seems to be no records of the vaccinations given to us while in the gulf. I have tried everywhere; my old unit, enviornmental agents service, biological and chemical command, dod, VA, Centcom, NPRC, etc. No luck. I've been told everything from "the records weren't kept (which is a lie, I saw them record it)". to "Those records were stored in the Edward R. Murrow building in OK City. Go figure. Here's my memory of the mysterious vaccines that I am sure were the Anthrax, and Botulinum toxoid vaccine.

    We were taken 1 at a time from our positions out in the field by our platoon sergeant, we were told to have our yellow WHO shot record cards and our ID in our left breast pocket on our BDU's, as per SOP.

    I was taken to a medical tent at Camp Eagle II, and was told to stand in line with the other soldiers. Everyone was just happy to be out of the holes, so I guess we didn't even bother to think about what we were about to get.

    When it was my turn, I presented my ID and yellow card, the medic took my ID, recorded some info, and told me he didn't need my yellow card, and that it and my medical records would be updated upon my return to the states. Once again, didn't bother to think about this deviation from protocol, at 19, I never even had the thought that the govt. would do something that might be harmful to us. So naive!

    I was given two shots, one in each arm, and was not told what they were except that they might have said it was some type of booster, but that's it.

    This whole scenario happened two times for sure, and maybe a third where they added a shot in the ass to their arsenal. My memory is hazy on this. I do remember having flu like symptoms for a couple of days after each shooting gallery session.

    This all happened in Nov. and Dec. of 1991. The only other thing I remember, was hearing that somebody was being courtmartialed for refusing the shots, but don't know if that was true or not, you all know how fast the rumor mill turned over there. That's about all I remember about the shots, and of course my medical records were never updated upon our units return to the states.

    I've determined that it is hopeless to even try anymore to find records of these shots, I have hit a brick wall at every turn.

    I'm pretty sure I was a guinea pig along with lots of others, in one giant, unauthorized, uninformed drug trial known as Project Badger. The documents that support this, are in the missing Gulf link files.

    These files were first posted, then they dissapeared until there was a huge outcry among vets, and then they were replaced. In the documents, it clearly states the authorization from the dod to use experimental vaccines. Of course what the vaccines were, and who they were to be given to, are blacked out, and still classified.

    I'm not sure where HR5060 is in Congress, but it might behoove everyone to check, as it is a bill proposing the release of all experimentation on troops, from all eras, whether the experimentation was bio, chem, rad, vaccine, etc.

    Anyway, that's my memories of the mysterious shots. I would love to hear anyone elses story about similar events, and if you've had any luck locating records for these shots.
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