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  1. All kidding aside, Swanie, I do find the crocs fascinating. They are the apex ambush predator, so perfectly adapted that they have changed very little, except for size, in the last 150 million years. Australia is the only place I know where common citizens have to worry about being eaten in their own back yards! :D
  2. whip

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    Jan 29, 2006
    Sounds like things have changed in Australia. When I was a boy growing up in Iowa around 1970 a young man who had spent a year in Australia came to the house. He showed pictures of hunting roos, rabbits, pigs and I believe either dingos or fox. He made it sound like a promised land for hunters. I always wanted to visited after that.

  3. Maximilian II

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    May 25, 2009
    Northwest GA
    My son in law is from Bendigo, he he has the "proper" dim view of Australian hunting/firearms laws. He confirms that roo is tasty.
    He's here now. (My stepdaughter has delivered my first grandchild.) I'm going to take him shooting. He's never shot a handgun so I'm going to let him have a go with mine. Too bad it's not hunting season!
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    Yeah Whip and max. Things have changed a bit since I was a whipper snapper:D (I'm pushin 60 now).
    Now I gotta be a little carefull about what I say here, but let it be sufficent to say that there is no way in hell an gone that "they" can effectivly police their own laws.
    A lot of people (not me of course;);)), having made sure they were alone, just ignore the guys.
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    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    Man that looks like fun... As I was reading along I wondered how you preserved the meat until the next day while hunting, then I noticed your temperature gauge... 43 degrees mid morning! Geeze, how nice! It will come close to 100 here today. :(

    I love the pictures! Got more?

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, it is nice to take a peek at things like this, that I'd never experience otherwise.

  6. swanshot

    swanshot Active Member

    How about dinner in the fire as the sun sets?:):):)
    I haven't had a chance to get all the pic's together, but when I do I'll put the lot on photo bucket, and give y'all a link. There is only a couple of "hunting" pics. Mostly it's scenery, and camp photos.

    Actually the daytime temps throughout the trip were in the range of 60 to 75 degrees. A couple of days of rain, but mostly sunshine.

    Meat will keep fine for 48hrs if it is kept dry, and the flies are kept off it.
    After letting the meat bleed out for a few hrs on some piled up sticks in an empty cooler box, I then wrap it in cotton cloth. Flour bags are good for this.
    Then I keep out of the sun and it'll be fine. Just gotta make sure it's then well cooked.
    Note: Boil the cloth before reuse.

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  7. That looks like red clay soil, Swanie. Is that correct, and if so, is that common over most of Australia?
  8. swanshot

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    I wouldn't go so far as to say that Australia is made out of it, but yes, it's common. Outback roads are often nothing more that a compacted grade of the natural clay. In the dry you can choke in the dust of a car that's half a mile in front of you, and an hour of rain will do this.

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  9. swanshot

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    Sorry to resurect an oldie, but I finally got the rest of the pic's organized.
    This is a selection, because there are jut too many to upload.
    Fraid I was too lazy to caption, so if you're curious about any, just put it back on here with you're query.
    P.S. I'm the bloke that didn't shave.:D:D
  10. Oldeyes

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    Oct 13, 2006
    First of all, nice shooting on the goat. Second, truly wonderful pictures. I especially liked the sunset scene, rather breathtaking. Third, you are nice looking and a well spoken elder statesman in progress. :D I also could not help but notice that there were very few other folks, cars, etc. in any of your pictures. It was therefore quite easy to get a bit caught up in the the primitive spirit of your three week walkabout (or in this case driveabout). The desolate nature of the country made it appear to be a place where you constantly have to keep your wits about you or you could end being on the menu for some scavenger. You obviously know exactly what you're doing. And thanks again for your sharing so much with all with us.
  11. swanshot

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    Thank you for your flattering coments sir, I shall have to get a size larger hat now:D:D
    There were only two of us on that trip, in the one vehical. With the exception of going to town we saw very few other people over the entire trip, and you are right, there is no place for fools in this country.
    The pic below is one occasion when we were very aware of our isolation. That track we are on is a station boundry track, and it could be months before anyone else comes along, so we did a simulated vehical failure, and then figured out what we would do. The best solution (It was assumed we couldn't fix the car) was a 40 mile walk across open waterless desert with nothing but what we could carry. Not dangerous if managed well, but not a nice prospect either.
    By the way, the water you see in the lake is salt.

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  12. Maximilian II

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    May 25, 2009
    Northwest GA
    Nice! All that red clay makes it look like Georgia!
    My son in law got home yesterday, now I wish I'd gone too! He'll be coming back here probably September to stay, so maybe I can introduce him to hunting American style.
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