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    Jul 10, 2011

    I just joined this forum so I could find out some info on a couple of hand guns I have that have been passed down. One is a Harrington & Richardson 5 shot .32 with ejector. It has 32 CAL S & W CTGE inscribed on the left side of the 3" bbl. Has a nickel coating and has HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS Co, WORCHESTER, MASS, U S A on top of the bbl.. The serial # on the bottom of the grip is 197882. It has a picture of a target on both sides of the black plastic grips with 5 shots in the targets. Removing the cylinder there is a H on the top strap and the serial # matches the one on the grip. The last 3 digits of the SR# 882 are inscribed on both the cylinder and one web of the ejector. This is a hammerless revolver which I did see on the forum but there are no dates or patent numbers on the top of the barrel.

    The second revolver is a .22 RIM FIRE which is inscribed on the lower left side of the 1 7/8" octogon barrel. H & R ARMS COMPANY WORSHESTER MASS U S A is inscribed on the upper left side above the .22 RIM FIRE inscription. These two inscriptions are on the flat part of the octogon. There is a #33 stamped on the trigger guard. The serial # 334501 is on the bottom of the grip. On the top strap above the cylinder the inscription YOUNG AMERICA DOUBLE ACTION. The plastic grips have some sort of design on them with a small arrow in the upper center pointing upwards. Haven't quite figured out how to disassemble the 7 shot cylinder yet but I see two push pins, one in front of the cylinder and one behind the trigger. This gun must be for .22 short or .22 long because a .22 long rifle is too long as is a crimped Federal "bird shot" round.

    The third is a.22 cal. 6 shot small revolver. This is a really small gun. It has a 1" or 1 3/8" barrel depending from where you take the measurement. Could not find a serial number anywhere on the gun. It's hammerless and the trigger folds up under the cylinder. The black plastic grips have a S in a circle at the top of the grip. On the top strap the inscription reads PAT 4.5 10 - 21317 BABY HAMMERLESS MODEL 1920 U S A. Maybe the 21317 is the serial # and not part of the PAT # ?.

    I will attempt to attach some pictures but I don't know!!!!
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    Welcome S O S

    About a ''billion'' of these pistols were made and Jim will be along to help you soon. There is a wealth of knowledge here.Happy shooting and enjoy!

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Your Baby Hammerless was made in 1920 by R. F. Sedgley Inc. of Philadelphia. Flayderman's Guide lists value range from $175 for Excellent condition to $350 for Near Mint. However, this is for examples in proper working order, and they seldom are!

    If you have digital pics on your PC, click on the Go Advanced tab below the reply screen, then under Additional Options click on the Manage Attachments tab, and browse to find and upload your pics.
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    Jul 10, 2011
    Thanks hrf for the info on how to post pics to this forum.
    Here are pics of my three handguns.

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    Apr 20, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    Thanks for posting and welcome.

    #1 - 2nd Model SMALL FRAME HAMMERLESS 5th Variation (barrel rib stamping with state not spelled out, i.e. MASS.) made to handle smokeless/Nitro powder (cartridge stamp on left side of barrel indicates this. That barrel rib stamping was only used in 1915 - so, guess what year your gun was made. :rolleyes:
    Standard issue is: 3" barrel; nickel plated; 5 x .32 S&W (the short one) or 7 x .22 short or long (will also chamber the now obsolete .22 S&W Long RF) but not the .22 long rifle; molded, black hard rubber grips panels with "target logo." Options: barrel lengths of 2" (BICYCLE Model), 4", 5" or 6"; blued finish; checkered walnut, Mother of Pearl or (RARE) Ivory.
    With all those matching serial numbers and parts of the serial number - your gun is all original. The 'H' stamping under the top strap is ONLY found on the small frame HAMMERLESS guns. My conjecture - these upper barrel assemblies were made and stockpiled for production runs and the 'H' was stamped to differentiate those intended for use on the HAMMERLESS from the same size uppers used to make the hammered PREMIER model.
    Current RETAIL values: 100%/NIB - $265; 95% - $200; 90% - $160; 80% - $145. All values are +/- $20 depending upon area.
    #2 - This is a 2nd Model YOUNG AMERICA DOUBLE ACTION "small frame" made to handle the .22 rimfire short or long black powder or semi-smokeless standard speed cartridges. It will also chamber the now obsolete .22 S&W Long RF but not the .22 long rifle. This model was in production from 1905 to c. 1941 and along with it's sister "medium frame" YADA chambered for the .32 S&W close to 1.5 million were produced. With your s/n in the 335,000 range a quick extrapolation seems to indicate your gun was made sometime between 1910 and 1914. The are currently no production to s/n records.
    Standard issue of the small frame: barrel length 2" (approx.), Nickel plate, molded black hard rubber grip panels with "filagree"/floral pattern. Options are: barrel lengths of 4 1/2" or 6"; blued finish; grip panels of checkered walnut, M.O.P. or Ivory (very rare).
    Current RETAIL values: 100% - $235; 95% - $180; 90% - $150; 80% - $125.
    As with the SF Hammerless - expect some value or price fluctuations depending upon area.
    These little guns seemed to have been very popular as vest pocket guns and in the case of the YADA as boys' noise makers for Holiday celebration - in fact period advertising makes a big point of this.
    #3 - hrf nailed that one.
  6. S O S

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Thanks to all who replied to this post. This will give me an idea where to set a price on these guns.
    Thanks again and have a great day!
  7. Jim Hauff

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    Apr 20, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    S O S,
    You're welcome, good luck selling - AND thanks for thanking.
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