Three Orphans

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  1. todd51

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    I was given these three orphans the other day. Wow, talk about neglect, abuse, rust and boogered & broken screws I have it here. Don't know what the future of these guns will be. I disassembled the Cresent Fire Arms Co. "New Empire" 12 ga. double barrel and cleaned removed rust as well as I could to see what is there. It has cleaned up well enough but has a broken side plate screw and it's mate on the reverse side is well boogered. Will see if I can talk my machinist neighbor into extracting the broken stub and make me a couple new screws. If that is possible I may refinish the wood ????

    Took the Springfield Model 187-J apart and cleaned it and removed rust. More boogered screws and a broken extractor. Can't find a replacement extractor at "gunparts" so ????? It will feed and extract and eject dummy rounds now. Will try some live ammo when I get to the range. It's future is still up in the air.

    Now I haven't even touched the old Krag that someone made a terrible attempt to sporterize. It is pretty rusty on the outside but don't know what the interior looks like. It may just turn out to be a parts gun. It's future is also up in the air.

    Sad to see just how badly some people treat fire arms. But these will provide some entertainment for the cold winter days to come.

    These projects may quickly surpass my knowledge and ability, I am a shooter not a gun mechanic, so I am proceeding carefully. I may wind up with nothing more than a supply of parts for someone in need.

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  2. carver

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    Awsome! The only thing folks give me is a hard time! Good luck with fixing up these guns. While I'm not a gun smith either, I would love to try fixing up some old guns, if not in to bad of shape.

  3. JLA

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    I too was given an old beat up rusted shotgun a day or two ago. Customer brought in an old Winchestwer 1897 pump (the knucklebuster) and a Winchester mod 12. Both 12 ga. she gave me the 12 and asked if i could clean and make function the 1897 since that was her grandfathers shotgun. She said she bought the 12 at a garage sale and the fore-stock and mag tube fell off.

    Turns out there was nothing at all worng with the 12. i got it cleaned up and shooting.. then I sawed it off, just skirting the legal limits, and am going to keep it in the pick up along with my beater tok pistol.
  4. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    BTW, nice Krag todd.
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