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    I have a plain jane Springfield 1911 a1. I bought it about 4 years ago. I am a lefty and wanting to put on a Ambidextrous thumb safety. I looked at a bunch of thumb safeties on the Midwayusa website and there is a bunch to chose from and a big difference in price to. Is there one better than the other? I am going to be getting into competition ( IPSC) shooting. Would it be easy to change it out my self or should I take it to a gunsmith? thanks
    Karl K. Atkins
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  2. Most require some amount of fitting to the particular gun. There are some "pre-fit" ambi safeties out there that are supposed to be nearly 'drop in' installation.

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    Since you have never fitted a thumb safety and you want to shoot competition, take your 1911 to a GOOD pistolsmith.
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