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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Dang, I am pissed! Where is Barry Goldwater, we need his inspiration, absolute power corrupts. Love ur country, BUT never trust it!

    1. New York Eagle Scout Suspended From School for 20 Days for Keeping Pocketknife in Car.

    2. Cub scout suspended for 45 days for bringing his Cub Scout eating utensils to school.

    3. Finally this story; resident of apartment complex must remove his American Flag from his scoot. Gadsden flag is proudly displayed on my scoot, they would have to prior it from my hands.

    KATU.com - Portland, Oregon

    Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags

    by Melica Johnson KATU News and KATU.com Staff

    Originally printed at http://www.katu.com/news/local/64059697.html

    ALBANY, Ore. - At the Oaks Apartments in Albany, the management can fly their own flag advertising one and two bedroom apartments - but residents have been told they can't fly any flags at all.

    Jim Clausen flies the American flag from the back of his motorcycle. He has a son in the military heading back to Iraq, and the flag - he said - is his way of showing support.

    "This flag stands for all those people," said Clausen, an Oaks Apartment resident. "It stands for the people that can no longer stand - who died in wars. That's why I fly this flag."

    But to Oaks Apartment management, Clausen said, the American flag symbolizes problems.

    He was told to remove the red, white and blue from both of his rides, or face eviction.

    "It floored me," he said. "I can't believe she was saying what she was saying."

    Even long-time residents like Sharron White, who has flown a flag on her car for eight years, has been told to take it down.

    White said management told her that "someone might get offended."

    "I just said to her 'They'll just have to get over it,'" White said.

    Resident we talked to who had been approached to take down their flags all told us the same thing: that management told them the flags could be offensive because they live in a diverse community.

    Attempts to find out for ourselves why management would ban flags were unsuccessful. KATU wanted to talk to management at Oaks Apartments, but no one has returned our calls. The woman we were told had made the decision said she was "not going to answer any questions."

    National Guard signThe mother of one soldier fighting in Iraq put up a poster in her son's apartment window when she learned of the ban. Her son's roommate said he'll risk eviction to make sure it stays.

    Another Oaks Apartment resident, Judith Sherer, doesn't have a car. Instead she carries an American flag around the complex to protest the ban, and wonders if the flag pin she wears is next to be "singled out."

    "If I put it on and I walk outside, what's going to happen?" Sherer muses. "Am I going to be confronted by a manager about this?"

    We're told the ban includes sports flags and even flag stickers on cars.
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    Oct 6, 2004
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    If I lived in a Komunity that pulled this I would take it off the car and have my car painted up as a flag, American flag curtains in the house or Kondo windows. have some fun with these jack asses.
    Evict someone over this GOOD LUCK!
    Out on their flagpole, maybe a Hammer/Sycle flag put up in the middle of the night.

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    Mar 23, 2008
    The Cub Scout is facing time in reform school over it. It is time to reverse this baloney.
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    Jul 30, 2008
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    This sounds unreasonably hostile...
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    mcwoods, We don't call other members "idiots'. You are off to a bad start.
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    Mar 13, 2008
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    Actually, mcwoods has graced us with a grand total of 8 posts since his join date of July of 2005.

    I take DEEP offense to our members being called idiots and being told to "shut the **** up".

    Perhaps mcwoods should review the policies of this forum and refrain from making such statements. Better yet, hopefully he will disappear altogether.
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    The new policy on this forum should read; Any forum member abusing the policies of this forum, or attacking individual members or the membership as a whole will be banned forever and their personal address, phone number and email address will be posted in the hall of shame.

    Hmmmmm, that might re-direct some of that angst.

    Apologies for adding to the fire.
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    Feb 28, 2009
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    You sound like a lamb who is led to slaughter, and or like a sheep that is silent before its shearers.

    Been called many things, but never an "idiot", hmm are you a _____?

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    Another liberal/commie troll shows his colors.

    Yellow and RED, but black and blue would be far better.:D
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    Feb 23, 2009
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    I now know exactly where I'd stuff the Boy Scouts banned utensils !!:mad:

    This comment wasn't out of left field... it was out of Far Left Wing.....
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    Okay, he's gone now and most traces of him are gone as well. Thank you to the moderators for tossing him, and rightfully so. I spend so much time on this forum because we generally do not resort to such behavior.

    Carry on...
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    Dang it!!! I always miss all the fun!!! :p :D

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    Jul 8, 2009
    I was in the Pumphouse what i miss,Stupid jokes missed all the fun.:mad::D
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    "Someone might get offended" Yea someone would get offended...ME!

    My flag comes down when i'm dead and not before....got that?
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