Today, 3/10: "Abortion Provider Appreciation Day"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 4EvrLearning, Mar 10, 2009.

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    I received this today from a friend. I was unaware of the "appreciation day" thing, myself!

    I'm not trying to make a religious statement or get into a debate of any kind by sharing this here; just wanted to inform those who may be interested in this cause about the movement found via the link at the end.


    Today is an important day; I'm asking for your fervent prayers, as often as you think of those who have been killed or wounded by abortion.

    March 10 has been designated by the abortion industry as "Abortion Provider Appreciation Day". Something like "Pastor Appreciation Day" and "Teacher Appreciation Day."

    What's next? "Infanticide Provider Appreciation Day"? "Serial Killer Appreciation Day"? "Genocide Provider Appreciation Day"? This is crazy!

    Please pray for an end to this horror. The murder of FIFTY MILLION innocents cannot be the best way to resolve the issue of unwanted pregnancies. The permanent wounding of MILLIONS more women and men (mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, etc.) cannot be the answer. Genocide is never a good answer to a serious problem.

    Today, I and many others will be praying peacefully on the sidewalks in front of hundreds of abortion mills (mostly Planned Parenthood) all across our nation. As we pray, I and countless others, will be holding large posters that say:


    Please join us in prayer.

    If you want to find a location near you where you also can go and pray, click on this link and scroll down to the cities listed below your state:
  2. The PC Police must be ecstatic.....:mad:

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    Tough Topic....but I see no harm in you passing along message.

    As for my own honest input......

    I would simply have to offer a word of comfort to any that might regret a decision made in a troubled time....

    As well as, a quick and prejudiced Disdain for any who have or HAD children , only to neglect, pain or even sadly , kill them themselves or let a "boyfriend" kill them.

    A crime against a child , can expect no mercy from myself and the only civil liberty still posessed by such a criminal , is my restrained allowance of society to attempt to deal with them .......for should they ever seek martrdom by the act of harming my children , they will indeed have lost even that and will be dispatched with haste and prejudice , at first opportunity.

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