Top 10 Reasons Michelle O'Drama Appeared on the Letterman Show

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    10 - To get invited on more cooking shows and scarf down leftovers during commercial breaks.
    9 - So she can sell America on another $10 million vacation.
    8 - Letterman is too ignorant to raise a question she might not understand.
    7 - Food in the green room is all you can eat.
    6 - No other show would agree to the thin coat of Vaseline on their camera lenses.
    5 - National Geographic has no openings this season for any of its nature documentaries.
    4 - The guest seat on Leno was too small.
    3 - Lockup thinks she’s too hateful for their audience’s taste.
    2 - Judge Judy would tell her to shut up and sit down.

    And the number one reason Michelle O'Drama appeared on the Letterman show:

    1 - After the Rosie O’Donnell debacle, Oprah has finally had it with losers.
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