Traded for .22,got.22wmr Chuckster instead

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    I aquired an O F Mossberg&Sons, model 640K Chuckster.It'smarked AC-KRO-GRUV .22WMR.I got it for a song at local pawn shop.They thought it was a plastic .22 mossberg.Hopefully someone can be kind enough to enlighten me some on this gun.It is terribly filthy.But appears to function.I know absolutely nothing about this gun,history,quality,even how to dissasemble it to see what I've gotten into.Gun masters,please help me decide what i should do next.Thanks guys in advance,I hope someone will respond.
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    Marketed as the "Chuckster", the Model 640K was first offered in 1959, the same year the 22 WMR cartridge was introduced. Two other versions were offered, one with fancy wood and several gold-plated parts (the 640KS), and one in single shot only (the 620K). These two were discontinued in 1974, and the regular Model 640K was made until 1986. This is an except from the Gun Digest Book of Assembly/Disassembly

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    Hi pardner....dont know what gdmoody sent you, but here is a good
    link for vital parts....?....