Trap with a 20ga 20" Barrel

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    Is it feasible to shoot trap with a Remmington 870 20ga with a 20 inch barrel? Is there a certain choke I should have considering my barrel length? I currently have a modified choke.

    Thanks for your input.

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    It will make it a little more challenging.

    Have you patterned it? That's the only way of knowing what to expect. Throw you up a target in the pistol range, put on a full choke and see what pattern you get at 30 and 40 yards.

    After you see that pattern you may decide to back off on the choke a little.

    Use the heavier loads for a little more range on the trap field.

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    I went trap shooting for the first time tonight. I used my 20ga. I met an off duty instructor and he spent some time with me, got me joined with a squad, and stood with me at the line. It was a blast! I hit 2 targets. I thought that was OK for someone that had never shot a shotgun before. I've signed up for a beginning class.

    Now I just need to find that 20ga full choke. No one has them in stock. Can anyone recommend an Internet retailer which might have it?


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    Re: Trap with a 20ga 20" Barrel
    The Remington website should be able to tell you where you can find them. will have them also

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