Trigger work for Taurus PT-140

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by dbltap, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Apr 1, 2007
    I have a Taurus PT-140. The trigger is the only thing I don't really like about the gun. Has anyone been able to do trigger work on this gun? Not so much to shorten the pull but to smooth it up. Are there trigger kits perhaps?



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    Trigger improvement has several areas. The things changed by a trigger job are Creep (the motion of the trigger when the first real resistance is felt until the gun fires), the trigger pull level (force), and the over travel (motion of trigger after the gun fires).

    Spring changes fix the level of pull and can be a change to lighter springs (trigger return spring and/or the hammer spring) or simply reducing the preload the spring has on the trigger mechanism by bending a flat spring or cutting off a turn or two of the existing spring.

    Creep is in the amount of engagement of the trigger mechanism (sear to hammer). "Trigger jobs" normally reduce and smooth the sear engagement. But sear engagment and the angle of the engagement is the safety of the trigger mechanism. Steep angles and lots of engagement is safe and angles that don't help hold the trigger parts together and have small engagement are unsafe.

    Overtravel is controlled by limiting the motion of the trigger itself but still allowing the trigger the opportunity to reset after the gun is fired.

    All these must be done correctly or the gun will end up unsafe. So, either do a bunch of reading and viewing videos from reputable schools on the subject or pay a real gunsmith to do the job correctly, for your safety and those around you when you go shooting. The best source of information I have seen is the American Gunsmithing Institute's "Trigger Jobs" video course. After 20 years of doing tirgger jobs on my guns, I found after viewing the course several times I had been doing it wrong. None of my guns were unsafe but doing it their way assured that I could do almost any gun correctly and safely.

    You can changeout the springs but that will not make the trigger action smooth.That takes stoning of the sear engagement surfaces, angle changes or modificaiton and perhaps engagement reduction.

    BE SAFE! Educate yourself or pay the gunsmith!

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