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  1. Helldorado

    Helldorado New Member

    Nov 23, 2003
    So theres a hole in my trigger that takes a 1/16" allen wrench. Whats that for? Im assuming either for removing the trigger or adjusting the poundage pull. But everyone knows what happens when you assume.
  2. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    You are quite correct sir. It is called the trigger over-travel adjustment screw. It is so that when you pull the trigger, at the exact moment of sear release, the trigger cannot continue backwards thus pulling the shot off the target. If adjusted properly, the sear will let off in the same place every time. If you practice hard enough, you will learn where the shot will be released and thus improve your shooting skills. If you adjust this screw in clockwise, it will not release the trigger until it is adjusted properly.
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