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    This piece in the news today regarding the current PM here in Australia( the one we did NOT vote for )

    The real Julia is true to her socialist forum past

    WHEN Lateline host Tony Jones asked then deputy opposition leader Julia Gillard about her involvement in the Socialist Forum, she said, "I did clerical and administrative work, Tony. This is so long ago. It's the days before modern computers and the internet, in the days where if you wanted to put out a meeting notice to people you wouldn't send an email, you'd get out an envelope and put it in your IBM electric typewriter and type up the address and then get the next one."

    You would never see Kim Beazley, Simon Crean or Kevin Rudd trying to defend an extreme left past in this obfuscating manner. You would never see any modern Labor leader of substance and popular support trying to hide a key part of their political formation.

    They simply would not have made the mistake, even early on, of peddling extreme left-wing agendas.

    The carbon tax fits Gillard to a T because it matches the policy calls she promoted in the early 1990s as she was about to emerge on the national political stage as a very left-wing MP.

    She was not simply typing addresses on envelopes, a response that degrades her serious contribution as officially noted in publisher credits as a Socialist Forum representative on the editorial committee. She is not thanked for her typing or clerical skills. She is in the main editorial game for a series of publications that set out extreme policy strategies from the Left.

    Only a few years before entering parliament, Gillard was an active force in promoting radical ideas that no other Labor leader worth their salt would have countenanced even from their cradle.

    For example, one of the Gillard (editorial committee) titles, The Greening of the Red, a recipe for left-wing totalitarian control via environmental activism, calls for re-regulating the exchange rate, reintroducing tariffs and reducing imports and foreign investment.

    In view of Gillard and the Greens' recent stirring about the media that coincided with disagreeable (to them) coverage, it is wise to heed what Gillard and others in the Socialist Forum wanted the media to look like in this country. They advocated public funding for media outlets to be run by co-ops and community groups rather than businesspeople, on a non-profit basis.

    There would be partial public funding of publications by small groups whose views would not otherwise be heard. (Extreme candidates come to mind.)

    Commercial broadcasting and advertising would be phased out in long-term anti-consumerist programs by governments. This was in order to create a tide of red-green values that would become a successor to democracy.

    The following quote reveals the extent of social engineering these lefties believe in: "Mechanisms which have been proposed for value change range from enhancement of 'green' education to revival of those religions which respect Nature.

    "Fundamental reconstruction is required in our cultural consciousness and information systems for the longer term, though beginning as soon as governments can be talked into commencing the necessary reforms." (Page 120, The Greening of the Red)

    The author notes that "print and electronic media are also crucial channels for conveying information or attitudes, but in most Western countries these are business-dominated, resulting in gross inequalities and influence. Australia is arguably the worst case in the West, with the main mass media being dominated by two billionaires."

    There are absurd offerings, such as the recommendation to put duties on luxury goods, energy imports and "products deemed unnecessarily consumerist".

    Their wish list includes an overseas shipping line, restrictions on new loan raising by private (and public) enterprise, directional control over the investments of financial institutions and no tax concessions for corporate debt.

    These are the economic prescriptions advocated by Gillard and her socialist chums. They were ridiculous then, as they are ridiculous now.

    Australians are scratching their heads to work out how we have arrived at our current destination: a nanny-state land where competitiveness is eroded by taxes, public funds are disastrously wasted and the Greens rule, not OK.

    Perhaps the destination was set by the path Gillard and co took in their political formation, a path sensibly eschewed by other Labor leaders.

    If only Gillard had taken her own advice about not writing (and why not include editing and publishing?) crap.

    Ron Boswell is a Nationals senator.


    and this one , i've told you previously about this one , she marches with the islamists demanding death to Israel The USA and all kaffirs .. a dediczted Stalinist turned environmentalist ( depopulationist)

    Greens senator Lee Rhiannon fudges the answers on the red tinge of her political past

    NEW senator Lee Rhiannon has been less than frank in her response to Inquirer's revelations last Saturday of pro-Soviet activities that continued after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when, as she says herself, she was a Greens member.

    Her behaviour comes as her party stands accused of falling far short in the levels of transparency it demands from others.

    "Did you write for and edit a newspaper in the 1980s called Survey that was funded in whole, or in part, by the Soviet Union?" Rhiannon was asked on the Ten Network's Meet the Press on Sunday.

    "Yes, I assisted with it to some extent," she replied.

    It was a blatant misrepresentation. At best it was an extreme case of what British Conservative minister Alan Clark, whose honesty rocked the government he served, once described as being economical "with the actualite".

    The true nature of Rhiannon's involvement in Survey appears in its pages in black and white. Under her married name of Lee O'Gorman, she was listed as editor from December 1988. The article announcing the closure of the magazine was signed "Lee O'Gorman, Editor".

    Rhiannon again refused to answer questions from Inquirer this week. But it's not the first time the new senator has fudged her and her family's involvement in first the Communist Party of Australia and later the Socialist Party of Australia, when the CPA abandoned Moscow in the wake of its suppression of the Prague Spring of 1968.

    After a war of words in The Sydney Morning Herald last year, Gerard Henderson wrote of Rhiannon's parents on his Media Watch Dog blog. "Bill Brown (1917-92) joined the Communist Party of Australia in 1940. Freda Brown (1919-2009) joined the CPA in 1936. During this period one or more of the Browns, usually both, supported the following acts of the leadership of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, headed by the totalitarian dictator [Joseph] Stalin," listing the forced famine in the Ukraine, the show trials of the 1930s, the Nazi-Soviet pact, the establishment of totalitarian Soviet satellites in eastern Europe in the aftermath of World War II and the suppression of workers' uprisings in East Germany and Poland in the early 50s.

    Rhiannon responded on her own site with these lines. "He [Henderson] followed up his Herald article with allegations on his blog that 'one or more of the Browns', which means either myself and/or my parents, supported a series of crimes starting with the 1932-33 Ukraine famine. I was not born when this tragedy occurred and my parents were 11 and 13."

    Rhiannon not only failed to tackle the central charge, the massive ignoring and denial of history that loyalty to Moscow demanded. By her own logic her parents could not have been communists as her mother was not born and her father a babe in arms at the time of the Russian revolution.

    Parliamentarians from both sides of the house attacked Rhiannon in the wake of Inquirer's revelations. Labor member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby called on the new senator to use her first speech to "apologise to people like Jana Wendt, Frank Lowy and Sir Arvi Parbo, all of whom come from families who suffered under communism, and ... the evil empire of which she was for so long an advocate".

    Liberal frontbencher Tony Smith pointed to the gaps in Rhiannon's account of her history.

    "We are to assume that she either simultaneously supported Soviet propaganda and the Greens or went to bed one night dreaming of a rebirth of the Soviet Union, only to wake up suddenly a Green," he told the House of Representatives.

    "Most of us suspect nothing has really changed; that the possum has simply shifted roof cavities, because if Senator Rhiannon had changed she would apologise, wouldn't she, to the families of the victims of communism."

    Danby also raised a second matter where the Greens appear to have been less than frank.

    Last year the party received $1.6 million in kind from Graeme Wood, founder of online travel giant Wotif, to fund its election television advertising, the largest single donation in Australian electoral history. Leader Bob Brown has said he will be "forever grateful for the donation".

    Wood is part of a consortium that wants to buy the woodchip mill at Triabunna, on Tasmania's east coast, put up for sale by timber company Gunns, and convert it to a tourism centre. Gunns is understood to be in close negotiations with other potential buyers, including timber company Aprin Logging. Timber groups have asked for federal funds to help seal a deal for industry restructuring.

    Brown and his deputy Christine Milne, both Tasmanians, have pursued the matter in the Senate, attempting to deny Aprin state or federal money without declaring their donor's interest in the sale.

    Rhiannon constantly raised allegations of potential impropriety attached to donations in her time in the NSW parliament.

    "I note the $1.6m donation has not hit their website," opposition Senate leader Eric Abetz said on Wednesday. "The Greens stand condemned for their conflict of interest and they ought to 'fess up to the Australian people."
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    she is shurly everything you say she is Jack..but to support a writer who accuses children age 11 and 13 of henious crimes as he did??..sounds like he didnt want to get the facts straight, or hes just trying to "fluff" up his story......usual media tricks i know but really?? you didnt call him on this? I thought better of you Jack! thats like accusing YOU of shipping SBGO when you were 6yrs old!! :)

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    Jan 11, 2010
    gillard was "throwing off" turning to attack the guy putting words in his mouth

    the simple fact was her parents endorsed stalin and his actions , they may have been kids then but that like me saying hitler did good today , I"M WRONG!!!!! and a worry for most sane folks .. thats what they did , after stalins death shouted his praises and demanded we ( western folks ) all follow suite..

    gillard was saying they cant be responcible for what stalin did , thats true , but he was not saying that , he was saying how loudly they proclaimed stalins actions as wonderful ..

    and gillard herself and the other clown only a few short years ago both endorsed stalin

    lee reahannon is a dead set stalinist always has been and when i have fronted her got firm refusals to refute the manifesto
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    you did know i was funning you a bit?

    though i do find accusing kids of crimes a bit underhanded. they may have spouted off in support then, most kids spout what their parents spout. if they keep on as they seem to have don then at adulthood in actions or in age..then hold them accountible.

    as you can see in gillard's case, what the parent believes the child will usually also. sad fact of life..guess thats why the bible says the sins of the father will be visited upon the heads of his sons?
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