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    Year to date statistics on airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security

    Terrorist Plots Discovered 0
    Transvestites 133
    Hernias 1,485
    Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172
    Enlarged Prostates 8,249
    Breast Implants 59,350
    Natural Blondes 3
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    Jan 11, 2010
    you forgot they also had 8 shotgun weddings , heard your southern folks say touching like that is a sign of a engagement , that right ?? red neck weddings ??

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    Well so far I havent heard about any Missing TSA agents, so either there has been some shotgun weddings or the government is keeping HUSH HUSH about their missing TSA Screeners.

    The wife's sister got felt up in front of her husband, They almost missed their flight cause he asked the TSA Screener if he liked what he felt. He filed a complaint but I doubt if it will go through.

    Her sister is a well endowed little lady in the form of somewhat large love pillows in the form of a FF cup ( I think, I have never asked) and she is only 5ft tall. From what I was told by the oldest nephew the feller actually cupped and Lifted said floatation devices with a Grin.

    Come to think about it, Mabbe workin for the government in the form of TSA wouldnt be a bad gig at all. Say for a single strapping young 20 something.
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