Uberti Sharps

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  1. Kestral

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    Have searched all over the net,trying to find info on the Uberti copy of the Sharps .22short 4 barreled derringer.I am surprised that so little info seems to be available.Could anyone advise me of a site I could go to that would have any general info that would help. Ive also tried to contact Uberti in Italy,but that doesn`t seem possible either.The USA distributor doesn`t have a contact address for any enquiries from outside the USA,so I`m left wondering if its me thats to thick to find what I need,or is there some other reason as to why info on this particular model is so hard to find.
  2. The Duke

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    Mar 11, 2006
    NW Louisiana
    Kestrel, Ive got one of those little pistols and have had it for many+ years...So long ago, I vaguely remember it may have been imported by Navy Arms at one time....I checked Navy's web and no longer see it listed....At that time, long, long ago..;), I believe it was made Pedersoli...I no longer see it on their web..

    You may want to check here... http://vtigunparts.com/ They handle parts for most all of the imported firearms... If anyone can tell you a source of information concerning this little gun, they may...

  3. Kestral

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    Thanks Duke, will give it a try,its been driving me nuts trying to get some info,it must be the most unthought of pistol ever made.I am just curious as to when it was made,and how many was produced.Seems like I will never know doesn`t it.
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