UK finishes paying U.S. World War II loans

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  1. Britain is transfering to the U.S. government $ 84 million, the last of it's World War II debt.
  2. Good, they rest of the countries should follow

  3. Xracer

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    Reminds me of the WWII Bob Hope joke:

    "Ya gotta give those British credit........otherwise they'll take cash!" :D

    It took 'em a while, but they did pay us back. That's more than most contries did.
  4. A LOT more than our other so-called "allies" X. :cool:
  5. richyoung

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    Oct 17, 2006
    ...of course, they haven't finished paying back their World War ONE debt - haven't even made a payment since the thirties...
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    Has any other country even made any payments at all?