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    This is the same as the "Case for Revolution" Thread, not exactly current, but I couldn't pass it along with my phone, so been sitting on it as well.


    Last night I was reading Twitter posts from both the right and the left. From the left, there was a great deal of gloating about the recent health care reform bill and plans to push through climate, amnesty, and other equally onerous legislation. From the right, there was a small amount of hand wringing, some resolves, a great deal of anger, but it was all disjointed, disunited. Side issues kept coming up, you name it, fair tax, abortion, state’s rights, with only a small amount of time spent on the actual on the central core issue: The Constitution that should be central to our protection from a now clearly tyrannical central government.

    This prompted me to go off on one of my probably infamous “Tweet Rants.” After going on for about a half hour, someone said, “Have you put all this on your site?” Yes, but also in an equally disjointed and disunited manner as the tweets seen from the right last night. So, I’ll distill the ideas in one spot.


    As conservatives, we generally abhor being submissive to a group. We are fiercely independent creatures that believe in self-reliance and carrying our own load, and we have very little patience for those that do not believe or do this things. These are admirable traits, and they are what has caused most of us to be successful in one way or another in our lives. We believe strongly in individual liberty. We want to be left alone to raise our kids, work our jobs or businesses, and plan for our futures. We believe strongly in the rule of law and certain societal norms of moral behavior. We are what is best about America.

    However, we are faced with a foe that does not believe in much that we do. They believe in a collective dictating every aspect of life and even now death for “your own good.” This rising statist philosophy is anathema to everything we hold dear and cherish. They do not believe in individual liberty; submission to a state that provides everything they want regardless of effort is their preferred mode of living. They don’t believe in rewarding success, but rather, they believe in rewarding failure by confiscating the efforts of others, using the government as their strong arm, even at the point of a gun if necessary. They will break every rule of civil behavior and the Constitution in order to effect their evil, Marxist designs for America. And they are united behind a central, cult like loyalty to Barack Obama and his minions.

    As a military guy, former college athlete and college baseball umpire, I know there is one thing you can never do: Take on a united opponent with disunited forces. It simply will not work. You also cannot play by a set of rules while the other plays by none.

    That’s where we are, not completely united, and waiting for a referee to step in and call a foul that will not be called. It is high time we faced the reality and changed tactics which have won the debate, but have lost the legislative battle.

    1. Immediately join a 912 or Tea Party group in your area. Look on the web and search these terms if you do not know where to find one. They may come in other names, such as Wiregrass Patriots in my area, for example. Get involved. Go to meetings. Meet with other like-minded people who share your beliefs.
    2. Create a phone tree within your local group. These are commonly used by churches to spread news quickly in the event of a birth or death. Someone will know how to make one. Do not rely too much on internet and social media for being able to spread the word quickly if action is needed. Remember when Twitter went down last summer? It was havoc for people who had become overly reliant on this service.
    3. Keep the focus of the group narrow. Don’t get pulled away to side issues which reduce the focus of your efforts. Issues such as abortion, abolishing the Fed, fair tax, etc., all have their validity, but they are not the central focus we need now, a return to a Constitutional Republic. Those issues can be addressed when we have men and women in government who respect our wishes, the Constitution, and will represent our beliefs.
    4. Push the leaders you identify and who step up and are willing to work to make contact with leaders from other local groups. Your first goal should be to be able to turn out a large city-wide event on short notice. Move then to state-wide capability. There are some good national groups upon which you can piggy back your efforts already.


    Recently, Rasmussen released a poll showing that 75 percent of Americans are angry at their government right now, and of these about 45 percent considered themselves very angry. The tinder is very dry right now. I’ve not seen polling since this health care takeover passed Congress, but I suspect that the numbers will rise, at least in the very angry segment. The last Rasmussen poll I saw regarding health care showed that 59 percent of independents were firmly against the bill, and the number was much higher for Republicans. Strong support for the bill was in the 20′s in terms of percentages, and I suspect that the rest of the soft support for it will dissipate once people understand the enormity of what has transpired.

    So, we have a situation where the general population is upset, confused, or even outright angry. They are being awakened slowly from their complacency that “this can’t happen in America.” But they may awaken too late if we don’t push the issue ourselves with our fellow Americans.

    Be the spark in your community to set fire to the dry brush of American frustration with their government’s refusal to listen. A raging forest fire often starts with a single bolt of lightning, and then the wind driven embers then fan out to create smaller fires that eventually join into a large conflagration. The bolts of lightning have been striking. The continued tyranny of the government is the wind fanning the flames. How strong is your spark?

    Are you talking to new people about these issues every day? Or are you sitting in your comfort zone of a few close friends bemoaning the fate of our land? Make it your goal to speak to at least 2 or 3 different people each day about these issues.

    I often use the headlines at the checkout stand as a conversation starter. “Can you believe what they did to us again?” The word “us” is important. You immediately signify that you feel bonded to that person next to you in common cause against the government’s tyrannical actions. You’ll probably get a positive response to your remark. Remember, 3 out of 4 Americans are angry about what’s going on. If you don’t, move on. There are millions of other Americans that feel like you do.

    The worst thing that could possibly happen from such a casual exchange is for the person next to you in line to say, “Yeah, it is, but what can you do?” and not have an answer. If you are connected with a patriot group, you will have a good answer. You can tell them quickly about local activities to stop the encroachment of government into every aspect of their lives. Invest your time and invite them to join the cause. Many may not take you up on it right away. But you will have planted a seed. And who knows, maybe you will be the third person to have this conversation with them, and they’ll be ready for you to guide them. The point is waste no opportunity to ignite a brush fire in your area.


    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    — Dylan Thomas

    Remember, we are fighting a foe that sees the goal of a socialist utopia within their immediate grasp. They will now stop at nothing being emboldened by a health care takeover that was effected by every possible means of chicanery, parliamentary sleight of hand, and outright bribery and threats. I doubt this is the America you would thought you’d see. And I doubt you believed it could happen so easily and quickly.

    Tyrants fear only one thing, anger and revolt from the masses. They will stop at nothing to put down rebellion, even the peaceful rebellion I’m espousing here. They will bribe the small minority that believes as they do and co-opt them as “useful idiots” in their toolbox of control. They will attack all the means by which you get information. They will try to silence dissent in increasingly oppressive ways. None of this is new. Takeovers of nations by such extreme tyrants as we now face rarely take place overnight. We also cannot reverse their actions overnight. This took almost 100 years since the Progressive Movement started to take hold to reach this point.

    From this point forward, we must resolve that no public appearance of Obama or any of his lackeys, regardless of their level in the government, goes unchallenged by our voices.

    1. Know when a statist sympathizer is going to speak in public. This could be Obama, a congressman, a local representative, or anyone else. Use your phone tree to organize “flash mobs” ready to turn out in large numbers at townhalls or other public events.
    2. Turn out and be loud! It’s important you convey the anger you feel at what’s happened to America. The left makes a great showing at these events, trying to appear to be a larger group than anyone else. We know they are only about 20 percent of the population. We have the numbers, but we have to turn out and be loud!
    3. Engage in minor acts of civil disobedience. Do not damage property. However, it is perfectly acceptable to block entrances to buildings in a loud and intimidating way. Do not touch anyone from the other side. But you can join hands and make a human wall to the entrance of a government building or other public venue. Remember, the idea is to let them know you are no longer sheep. You’re awake. You’re angry. And you’ve had enough.
    4. Bring good video cameras to every public turnout against the government. The media will lie about your behavior and your numbers. Try to get several cameras rolling at once. This will provide a good record of what really occurred and how many turned out. Judge Andrew Napolitano, who is featured in the video above, once famously said, “The camera is the new gun.” Learn how to upload video to YouTube and other sites. Get the raw footage to your local and national news. Feel free to send a copy to the person whom you were protesting with a note, “We’ll be back, in larger numbers each time.”

    They’re trying to intimidate us with the awesome power of government and their position. They only hold position at our will. Power in government is only what we let it have over us. Yes, we let this happen. We will have to reverse it.

    Pay attention to everylocal and national race in which you can have an impact. Many good patriots are stepping forward with no governmental experience but with the necessary skills and experience to lead. Many are business people, former military, and others of good personal achievement and character. Vett them carefully and then throw your full support behind them. Volunteer at phone banks, support money bombs, and go door to door. There are no unimportant races. Our schools have created a public that is not tuned in and doesn’t understand. So, even school boards mean something now. Don’t buy the idea you have to be an educator to run or be elected. This is another lie of the left. They will always try to win an argument with their academic pedigree. In the words of Andrew Wilkow, their academic pedigree does not outweigh the strength of your argument. All elections matter. All of them. Enough said, right?

    Volunteer to be a poll watcher. And even if you’re not an official poll watcher, you can show up on election day with your group and cameras. Be sure to stay outside “electioneering” boundaries. Document anyone who even looks like they are engaging in suspicious electioneering or intimidation at the polls.

    This is but a short guide. I’m certain many others are out there. If you know of one, or if you have ideas of your own, please leave a comment for others to see. Share ideas. I’m sharing mine, but they are obviously not all-inclusive.

    Add on to this right now and become part of the solution.
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