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    Jan 28, 2009

    For those who don`t remember or did not see the alert way back. In the early 2000`s there was a batch of 9mm that would give the average pistol a work out.
    I`m sure some of that ammo is still out there.

    Sold in bulk ammo spam cans. I think it was 1K cans sealed. A few of the founding members may remember this.

    I think this stuff came from somewhere in Africa.......cannot remember which country (old brain)

    This was a very high pressure round hot loaded for "Subguns Only" and it did lay waste to many a users pistol........and some of it found its way to
    Glock users and started the KABOOM complaints.

    So if you come across some of this bulk ammo spam cans be safe, there was tons of this stuff sold because it was cheap back then..

    I think it was around 60-70$ per 1K can......................ah the good ole days
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    Sep 22, 2009
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    I don't recall those cheap 'spam cans' of 9mm ammo, but it must be something like back in the 60s when tons of surplus ammo was brought into the U.S. from Europe. I remember hearing something about a warning that a lot of the German 9mm was too hot for semi auto pistols because it was intended for use in sub-machineguns.

    That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, seeing how a sub-machinegun is chambered in a pistol caliber to share common ammunition. But I do recall those stories of 'hot' 9mm ammunition. The cheapest ammo days I remember is during the latter part of the Clinton days (just before Clinton and Janet Reno got it banned from import). I still have a sealed case of East German 7.62X39 with 1440 rounds that I bought for $75 delivered. Certain knuckle-headed Arms companies here sucked up to the Liberals and put out some 'pistols' in that caliber and gave the Liberals their excuse to ban 'cop killer ammo' from import. The pistols never gained much popularity here - not even with the Gang Bangers who were supposed to line up to buy/steal them.

    Just by-the-way, I heard recently that certain 9mm ammo loaded to NATO specs is supposed to be really 'hot' and safe only in pistols rated at +P. I never buy store-bought center fire ammo anymore so I didn't pay much attention to it.
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  3. gdmoody

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    I don't remember the 9mm either. I do remember the surplus 7.62X25 ammo that was in spam cans and supposedly "too powerful" to shoot in some of the imported pistols.
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    Feb 17, 2012
    Back in the '80s, IMI produced blue tip 9mm for use in the Uzi carbines. It was loaded hotter to function reliably. It was not to be loaded in pistols due to much higher pressures.
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    I have a vague memory of both Israeli "black tipped" and Hertenberger 9mm being sold as "SMG ammo", and being too hot for pistols.

    I agree that WW2 9mm being "sub gun only, too hot for pistols" is dumb. But I also recall reading that US 9mm was loaded lighter than European. In the 70s, gun magazines explained that that was why Lugers had such a "jamamatic" rep. US ammo was not powerful enough to work the action. Get some European ball and they worked fine.

    Wonder if that had anything to do with the Glisenti? Fired a round that was identical to the Luger, but about 2/3 the pressure. Shoot a normal, hot, Luger in it and you could blow your gun up.

    The obvious solution, since Glisentis were sold here, is to weaken the Luger round, because Americans are too stupid to get the right ammunition.
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