Update on my late friend's estate!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jjmitchell60, Aug 3, 2004.

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    May 10, 2004
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    As many know I helped to bury a good friend last week and we have been told by his estate probate attorney that we have a limited time to remove all his guns, parts, and everything else due to real estate matters! As of this Wed. Aug. 4 we are to hit it hard as to the clean up and the selling of his estate. I have listed a general list of firearms for sale, very broad list by the way, on the for sale forum. I hope to have a detailed list within a couple of weeks as to exactly what guns. Many are NIB and the more modern ones, i.e. G3s, FALS, CETMEs, etc; we plan on letting go at 2/3s or so of whole sale just to get the estate in order quickly to apease the probate attorney. There will be several days of auctions of collectable items such as Indian artifacts, old money, antiques, and many other non gun related items so the firearm aspect has fallen on my shoulders. My cousin is in charge of the collectable items. Take a look at the "For Sale" forum and if anything you are interested in contact me for a list. By the way thank you to all for being here to listen during the time we had to deal with my friend's illness and death. Thanks for all the prayers, good thoughts, advice, and especially condolences. It did help a lot and I want all to know so.

    358 and Carla, once we get this estate settled we are going to try to head down to FL. I want to visit on the east coast with a friend, spend time in Brooksville with a school friend who settled down there in the late 70s, and then we plan on trying to get over to your neck of FL. After this estate deal we will need a couple of weeks of "vacation"! Might try to time it with deer season since my old school friend's in laws have sort of adopted me a few years ago, when they came up to KY to hunt on my farms, and they have been after me to come hunt with them. Hope we can get together while/if we get down to FL this year.
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    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.
    Don't push yourself to hard.

    Are there any Benelli “pistol grip” semi-auto 12ga. shotguns?
    Will detail more specs if one is available.
    Take your time, no hurry.
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