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    Apr 25, 2004
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    That might be a link to USA Today but it's actually USA 'Two Years Ago'. The link is from November 2007. Voting on it does little (if anything) today. It was likely left up just to see how long folks would keep it active. Either that, or it was forgotten. I doubt it was forgotten as the webmasters will delete items that unneccessarily use their bandwidth. Vote on it if you wish but the numbers are HEAVILY skewed in the gunowners' corner as firearms-related forums are the only source of voters keeping the poll alive today. Consider it a pointless exercise at this point. I voted on it once, and then someone pointed out the date of the poll... Ooops... :eek:
  3. OBrien

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    This has been on here a few times in the last 6 months. It has been around since november 07
  4. pawn

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    still 97% of votes to the good :D
  5. Marlin

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    97% of the 3519110 votes cast as of one minute ago !!!!!!

    I'll bet they didn't expect that.....
  6. Doc1911

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Technically, while I like the %s the Second Amendment DOES NOT give us anything - it recognizes and protects what is considered an inherit or inalienable right of a US citizen.
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    Like I said above. The numbers mean nothing at this point. The poll no longer reaches a broad enough audience for the figures to statistically mean anything. The only place the poll is still alive is on gun related websites. That hardly yields a useful result for comparison, so don't start getting happy.

    I did a search and here is what I found. The poll has been posted MANY times.

    6-22-09 by Berto :

    Berto, did you forget man?... :D

    7-7-09 by alhefner :

    3-28-2009 by rooter :

    7-29-09 by rooter :


    5-5-09 by techoca :

    1-28-09 by Don Buckbee :

    My guess is that the poll showed up in a Google search and someone reposted it at the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009 as if it were new information on some firearms website. People didn't look at the date, and kept voting on it. It's possible that folks on firearms sites have been voting on it repeatedly for a couple of years. Once the polls leave the front page of they mean nothing because then they only reach people who feel strongly about the issue.

    Let it die... :eek:

    Where's that horse beating picture again?... :confused:
  8. Vladimir

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    I find the question confusing... I think it should be rephrased to "are you literate?"

    and from the Constitution

  9. Suicide*Ride

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    @ Pony - save it this time! :p:D - SR

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  10. ponycar17

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    Thanks, Suicide Ride. :) That picture was needed. :D

    It does NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to vote on this poll that is 2 years old! The other side has long forgotten the poll. No one in the general public is currently viewing the poll. It has been off the front page of for 2 freakin' years! This tells us nothing new, sadly... :eek:

    I find it hard to believe that people are getting sucked into this... :eek:
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