USAF members arrested in Sydney

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    Jan 11, 2010

    A MASS brawl erupted on the streets of Sydney's red light district last night with punches and kicks thrown between two groups, reported to be US and Australian defence force personnel.
    One group are wearing red and black baseball caps and were of dark complexion while the other was made up of predominately Caucasian males.
    Pictures: Two groups in Kings Cross running brawl
    The Caucasian group were Australian servicemen out of Richmond and there are reports the other group are members of the US air force.
    The fight exploded out the front of exclusive nightspot, Goldfish, on Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross before 5am.
    It started with a verbal altercation until a man of dark complexion allegedly throws a stray punch at one of the Caucasian men.

    At the height of the exchange one Caucasian man in a blue shirt begins sprinting away from his attacker.
    He is chased over the roadway and down an adjacent street.

    The fight quickly escalates into a running battle.
    A police van arrived at the scene just as the groups dispersed, but 15mins later two of the brawlers wearing baseball caps returned to Darlinghurst St.
    Two men, aged 20 and 21, were handcuffed, searched and taken into custody by patrolling officers.
    The offenders belts were removed by police after an attacker was allegedly seen using it as a whip.
    It's alleged the two groups had a verbal disagreement inside Kings Cross McDonalds earlier in the night.
    Police took statements from a number of people and are continuing with their investigations today.

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    folks you cant call Aboriginals nigga, no matter how black you are or they are , here that will get you beat up fast

    when a black man calls a another black man nigga here its still a insult ..

    and when they object to that term the USAF guys called the koori folks dumb niggers who should get with the program

    so dont get riled if someone wants to tap dance on your head for a while , just speak to folks polite ...

    we dont do this gang tough talk bit here , you start talking like you want to fight, folks will oblige you .. real quick
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    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Wish that was true here. I get so tired of hearing them call one another that.



  3. Bobitis

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    Jack, I can't speak for those involved nor would I.

    If the time ever came, I'd be dancing with the Koori's. :mad:

    This is such an embarassment. Truly shamefull. :(
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    Jan 11, 2010
    the beer here is way stronger than what US folks are used too

    and so folks play up , most of the time the US folks who drop in are fine , from talk back on the radio it was only two and the rest of the USAF folks tried to get them to calm down but the two troublemakers came back !! the rest are clear of any charges and from what i hear should be commended for holding the two idiots back .. and taking them home , but the two ditched their friends and well now it'll be a courts martial after criminal charges are finalised and a bad discharge ,

    idiots on the grog never ends well no matter where ya from ..

    heck i had to lock up one of our's in GW1 .

    borrowed a APC locked him in it till he was sober , then run him till he needed the medics .. in Saudi ;) yeah i'm a mongrel , dont need some courts martial to sort troops , just a pack fill of sand and space to run the offender round for a while

    and a big boot for when they slow down ...
  5. My brother in law had a slightly different way of handling one of his squad members who was black. The young dude from the friendly streets of East St. Louis never got over the hood attitude, apparently boot camp hadn't done him much good. One day in formation he decided to light up and wouldn't put his butt out till he was done with it then tossed it in the street. A couple of minutes later after a very short scuffle the rest of his squad was dismissed and the offender armed with a GI entrenching tool was marched out into the boondocks of Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls Texas and was required to dig a hole in that hard ground 6' wide, 6' long and 6' deep. He had to put his butt in the center of the hole and fill it in then dig it back up, go back to the post and dispose of it properly by field stripping it and placing it in a GI Can. My brother in law said he missed supper and came close to missing breakfast but he never had any more problems from the youngster.

    I asked him what made him think of doing that and he reminded me of the time I took him squirrel hunting when he was about 17 years old. He had brought a can of beer out into the woods in his coat pocket unknown to me and when we stopped to do a look around he took it out, chugged it down then tossed the can. I made him pick it up and on the way back to the car I made him pick up every piece of litter we saw and put it in his pockets. He thought I was an ass at the time but arguing with a hot headed gorilla made him decide to pick up the trash as requested. Said he was mad at me for quite awhile but after Air Force boot camp he decided I was right and he just took it a step further with his young airman. The hole idea was something he had heard a DI discussing with another one as a way to handle litter bugs in his company.
  6. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    we use that here

    1 MCE ( first Military Corrective establishment ingleburn NSW behind the School of MP's)

    on our side it goes back to the Boer war days as a punishment

    with the CS often tossing in some innocent thing in the hole after its been measured and accepted and walking away ( he would of course state before they started to dig to ensure everything thats was not here when they start it taken back to the compound ) when they retun he'd ask about all the things then state the item he'd toss in the hole ... and back ya'd go

    i got "slotted" twice over the years ..

    oh and while we're here i'll relay a radio interveiw i heard today

    one black guy interviewed apolologuised to everyone one behalf of his friend and stated his friends should as well

    they'd been treated very well while here but 2 people who give all black people a bad name started to disrespect people here for no reason ( booze)

    they waffeled a bit about the fight then the interveiwer asked him about the US , and the kid stated that there was a lot of troublemakers back home making black people scared and worried and cheer leading those who dont think or have a gang mentality ( his quote)

    now the kid's black and he see the strife being caused by a few , acted upon by gang mentality and the unthinking ..

    now i like the black folks i met in the service from the US Army and USMC 95% where just like me or anyone in uniform , better suntans and accents ( danced a bit better too ) but that was it ..

    look at white ghetto area's ( we have a few welfare area's here) they are the same as the gang mentality etc the gent spoke of so its not racial , but attitude

    i feel sorry for the guy they interveiwed , wasn't his fault , he tryed to stop the other guy , and took him away even , but the guy ditched them and doubled back ... thank fully the koori folks who where there earlier where gone or it'd been a major brew ha ha ..
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    My theory was and still is if I as a white guy can't say it the you as a different race can't either.

    In my unit at ft. Hood 62 eng combat bn heavy we had a guy from south America who was dark complected and walked up to a black squad mate and used the wiz up my nigga. The back guy then reported him for racial slurs. Now the black guy was the first one to use the nigga when the NCOs were not around. So of course this was brought up and it ended in a huge fight. Many of the black guys and women in our unit saying they can say it to each other because it was a part of their culture. Then you have many of the white people saying no that if it is not ok for everyone to say then it is not ok for anyone to say. Charges were not dropped the guy got 45 days extra duty lost a rank and a months pay. Of course 5 of the guys who said it was ok for them to use the term ended up getting kicked out with a dishonorable discharge and some jail time. As they attacked a white guy with a piece of pipe a chain and a tail pipe tip and beat him so bad he spent a month in the hospital recovering. After recieving numours death threats from squad mates and others in the company they took the 5 no good thugs and locked them up.
  8. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    on the news here the bad guy had teamed up with a group of sudanese that are here and some young girls via facebook , theres a lot more to this than we know , seems the facebook mob are anti white anti capitalism pro palistinian etc etc etc

    wrong guy to to be in the service i think , maybe they'll rectify that
  9. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
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