Using the Bible to decode the "Occupy" Movement

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    Jan 11, 2010

    read the above then take a look at Mark 5:1-20, specifically v. 9

    1And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes.

    2And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,

    3Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains:

    4Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him.

    5And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.

    6But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him,

    7And cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.

    8For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.

    9And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

    10And he besought him much that he would not send them away out of the country.

    11Now there was there nigh unto the mountains a great herd of swine feeding.

    12And all the devils besought him, saying, Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them.

    13And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand;) and were choked in the sea.

    14And they that fed the swine fled, and told it in the city, and in the country. And they went out to see what it was that was done.

    15And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.

    16And they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine.

    17And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts.

    18And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him.

    19Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.

    20And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel.


    now take a look at the islamic veiw of Occupy

    According to Ayatollah Mohsen Haydar, speaking in a mosque in Ahvaz on November 7th: "The Occupy Wall Street movement is the big step to prepare the ground for the appearance of the 12th Imam."

    his full speech is as follows

    Mohsen Heydari, Tehran interim Friday prayer:
    Wall Street is behind the emergence of 12th Imam
    16 Persian date Aban 1390
    Mohsen Heydari, Tehran interim Friday prayer leader said: "Wall Street big step in the movement against the background of the time."
    According to ISNA , Mr. Heydari Monday (16 November) Eid prayer sermons in Tehran announced it has said: "Imam of the time when people are ready to have him appear."
    He added: "The anti-Wall Street and anti-capitalist movement is a movement for justice and the means to get rid of capitalism and the Persian month Tir is Kapytalsym."
    He said "when people are prepared for the advent of time that schools are desperate man. The anti-capitalist movement of people from the schools of human despair. "
    Clergymen and movements of protest in the streets of Iran's military rulers on Wall Street in New York City as "American Spring" and learn what it is unconnected with the "Islamic awakening" in Arabic is called, do not know.
    Movement, "the Wall Street" was launched last month in New York City and is now expanding to other cities in this country.
    The protest movement in America has the political power and financial sectors, however the extent of participation in protest to this point has been limited.
    Last week, the MR Cash, commander of the Basij was deprived "of Wall Street's movement in Iran is the blood of martyrs."

    (excuse my translation , my Farsi is a bit rusty )

    as we can see one of the most extream islamic cults sides with the "occupiers" and even funds them,

    occupy is just another evil face , another head of the beast and those involved, selling their souls to the evil behind it all
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  2. Caneman

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    Oct 22, 2010
    good analysis Jack... you are the Wizard of Oz!

    personally, i think they are tools as well being fuled by demonic forces to help tear down the economy of this country... it is just the first step, next step is mobs roaming the streets looking for rich people so they can take 'what is theirs also'...
  3. whymememe

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    Oct 29, 2011
    FEMA Region IV
    I grew up on a pig farm. The only thing evil in them is the high cholesterol. ha,ha. The OWS might affect some change, but you won't catch me there. I remember Kent State.
  4. raven818

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Today, the OW'er's starting taking over homes that have been foreclosed on. This was tried, briefly, in the 1980's. It didn't work out then either.
  5. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    6 of the ones in Melbourne here tried to "liberate" what was "theirs" here from a elderly gent , his walking stick cracked a few heads , they got nothing besides pain

    they are sooo useless they cant even rob a old bloke when they are 6-1 ..

    but it seems now the message here is find Jewish folks and attack them , and thats a by product of the greens party ..
  6. carver

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    Jul 28, 2008
    DAV, Deep in the Pineywoods of East Texas, just we
    2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

    1 Peter 2:6 Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.

    7 Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,

    8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

    Jude 1:4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    jude points right at these gay churches here

    now before anyone say they are trying to find God , listen up

    the gay churches here in Australia are night clubs that hide behind tax exempt rules,

    the one at Darlinghurst has had 20+ overdoses, 2 murders has 3 bars ( one on each level) and armed guards to keep out non approved drug dealers only open azt 9 pm and stay open until 4-5 in the morning

    and the pic's i've seen of "parties" they hold look like something out of Caligula
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