Vet Denied Gun Permit Over PTSD Care

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gdmoody, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I hope this hasn't been posted previously. I found this story on and thought it was interesting enough to share this excerpt.

    March 05, 2009
    Omaha World-Herald
    OMAHA, Neb. --
    Tim Mechaley trained fellow Marines to fire .50-caliber machine guns. He qualified as a marksman. He fought in the battle for Fallujah and received a combat medal with a "V" for valor.

    Back home, he uses a rifle for target shooting.

    Yet, when Mechaley sought to buy a 9-mm Ruger pistol for protection at his midtown apartment, the Omaha Police Department rejected his application for a gun permit.

    "I was trusted by the {federal} government to carry a loaded weapon, but now I am not allowed to purchase one by my local government," he said.

    Mechaley, 32, has received counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder related to his service in Iraq. While completing an application for a gun permit, he responded "yes" to a question that asked whether he was being treated for a mental disorder.

    "I circled yes because I wanted to be completely honest," he said.

    As explanation, he wrote "PTSD from Iraq Marine combat veteran" on the form.

    Mechaley's application on Jan. 10 was rejected, he was told, because of that answer.

    After talking with police, Mechaley said he had been "too truthful" on the application.

    He started to research gun-permit laws and applications and concluded that Omaha's permit application was overly vague on its mental-disorder question.

    "If I was actually mentally defective, it would have shown up on the (National Criminal Investigation Service) background check when I purchased my hunting rifle."

    Read the entire story here:
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  3. obxned

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    Mar 4, 2007
    This is so sick and perverted. How dare any government act like this!
  4. ponycar17

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    Just wait until the medical records are computerized as Obama wants... :mad:

    I know that some people are prescribed anti-depressants after traumatic events in their lives. From violent accidents to losses in their family, people are often prescribed these anti-depressants for short periods of time. That will be listed on your medical record and part of the instant background check if we let liberals get their way. If your mother dies and you take Zoloft for a couple of weeks, it's conceivable that your right to own a gun will disappear. :mad:
  5. KING64

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    And it will not necessarily stop with military veterans. There are many causes of PTSD and if the individual is treated and the record becomes available to those who wish to restrict firearms it will be used against their efforts to purchase. As an example many law enforcement officers, after an officer involved shooting in which the officer kills someone, he himself is seriously wounded or a partner is killed, may receive counseling or treatment for PTSD. It is a dangerous direction to see the anti-gunners pursue.

  6. BillP

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    From what I have read according to federal law The mental illness has to have been adjudicated or the hospitalization involuntary. The major problem for veterans is that in the military, nearly everything is "AN ORDER".

    Sgt. Joe is having trouble sleeping since he came back from Afghanistan so he goes on sick call. The doctor sends him to the hospital to see the shrink and that can be considered "an order". Joe lives in the barracks and will need to be off duty while he is evaluated so he get "orders" to report for a stay in the hospital.

    Orders are not voluntary, so when Joe's hitch is up, he returns home with the civilian equivalent of an INVOLUNTARY COMMENT TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION.

    If Joe is smart when he fills out the forum he will consider that since he went on sick call voluntarily, the whole thing was voluntary but who know what the records might show. I understand legislation was in the works to fix this and may have been passed.
  7. Marlin T

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    Bill, don’t forget about the exit interviews that are conducted. So if Joe is smart, he will lie his ass off when it comes to anything about how you feel about the war, bad dreams, medications, ect.

    Once again, I have to give my thanks out to the NRA, the liberal think tank, the Rand Corp and many more.
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