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  1. Not looking for pictures but they are welcome too. I'm looking specifically for patches of your unit when you served in the South East theater. Blue water, Brown water, in country or HQ it doesn't matter. For this thread support units based in Japan , Philippines etc. all count. Time period from 1955 to 1975


    Disregard the army insignia I got that in the Army Reserves after leaving Active Duty Navy. The patch is on my brag board so it has my old insignias, name tags, and patches won at various competitions shooting and boxing.
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    My husband was with HMM-262 Flying Tigers. 1969-70 Marble Mountain.



    I'm a bit younger, I didn't come in until 1976.
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    MACV Military Assistance Comand Vietnam

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    8th SPS Ubon Thailand
    Borrowed photo I wasn't with K9 Same unit though

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    4017th Combat Crew Training Squadron: From April 1968 to April 1974, the 93d operated a special B-52 replacement training unit to support SAC’s B-52 operation in Southeast Asia. Also, the 328th and 329th Bomb Squadrons deployed to U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield, Thailand where they flew combat missions over Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the Vietnam War. The 93d Bombardment Wing, Medium, received Boeing B-47s in May 1954, but its involvement with the new Stratojet was curtailed on June 29, 1955, when the wing received the first production line Boeing B-52B Stratofortress, making it the first SAC bomb wing to receive the new aircraft. The wing became SAC’s primary B-52 aircrew training organization, incorporating KC-135 aircrew training for refueling in mid-1956. For this purpose, it set up the 4017th Combat Crew Training Squadron which was supposed to handle all B-52 crew training for the next few years. When the mission of B-52 training became too great a task for just one squadron, the Wing's other three squadrons took over the flight training role and the 4017th assumed responsibility for ground instruction in 1956. The 93d was SAC's primary B-52 training organization. The 93d retained some of its B-47s until 1956 for crew training purposes. It was one of the few wings to have both jet bombers.

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  6. Great back story Carver. I don't have a lot to say about the Canberra except we fired so many 8" shells they couldn't hardly keep us supplied. The Marines kept us pretty busy.

    My job was Fire Control Technician operating and maintaining the first missile guidance radar the Navy ever put aboard ship. My control room was below the water line so my working days didn't involve much sunshine so whenever we did get a break I spent as much time topside as I could. Scheduled stops didn't happen because we kept getting pulled back to another fire mission. We did get to a few liberty ports but mostly it was back to Subic for repair and resupply then back to the line.

    When we got back to the states that was her final cruise, she was decommissioned and I really hated that. It was the best ship and the best crew I ever worked with bar none. I have some photos from back then but I don't share most of them and I haven't looked at them for years. I'll see if I can find some of the fun ones and post them.
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    Grump, I was an FTM 1 on the Terrier systems, ( mk 3/4 to mk 8.5 ). You would have been Talos , correct?
  8. Canberra was a Terrier ship with An/Spq-5 radars #1 and #2. Before that I was aboard the Farragut working on radar #5 and #6. After they retired those old fossils I moved over to the Truxtun and learned the AN/SPG-55. What a shock to not have to replace magnetron's and a bushel basket of tubes every week. Loved that radar but my department on that ship not so much. There were a lot of great people and a few that ruined it for everybody.
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    This is something my father had made. He was in the 560th military police company and drove a V100 called The Killer Pigs.

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    These are my two from my Vietnam units in 1972. The 1st is from F/79th Aerial Rocket Artillery, more commonly known as "Blue Max". This unit was the former C/2/20th Artillery. There were also Alpha and Bravo Batteries as well as Charlie. F/79th came into being when "Task Force Garry Owen" was formed from the remaining units left over in Vietnam from the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Cav. (Airmobile). The original unit arrived in Vietnam in 1965 with the Cav. and supported Col. Hal Moore at the well-known battle of the Ia Drang Valley. Blue Max stood down and returned to Ft. Hood, TX in late July 1972. Blue Max won their 2nd Presidential Unit Citation in 1972 for their efforts in the Battle of An Loc and was the Army Aviation Unit of the Year in 1972 for being the first Cobra Unit to successfully engage and destroy Soviet-built main battle tanks (T-54's & T-55's) in combat for which the Cobra was mission-specifically designed to do.

    The 2nd patch is from Troop H of the 17th Air Cavalry Squadron. Troop H was the former B/7/17th Cav. and came into existence in early-1972 when the 1st Aviation Brigade was formed for the remaining Army Aviation Units left in Vietnam at the time. We were a typical Air Cav. unit doing the Hunter/Killer "Pink Team" recon. mission to gather intelligence on enemy movements and locations. The Guns were callsigned "Undertaker" and the Scouts were "Scalphunter".

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    We didn't wear unit patches on our uniforms but here is my unit insignia.

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    We carried Terriers I'm sure we rearmed Canberra a few times.

  13. I will guarantee you did. We spent Christmas in Hong Kong together where I was ships Shore Patrol Christmas day. As soon as we left there we headed back to the line where you supplied 16" shells to the New Jersey and 8" shells to the Canberra. We didn't get off the line again till you ran out of 8" shells and we had to wait for more to be shipped from the states. Seems like we would run from mission to mission shooting up our shells all day and then spend our rest time getting more ammo from you guys. That was the Canberra's last cruise but we left a mark behind. Come to think of it we left a man behind too. The dummy that fell overboard emptying trash from amidships and then got picked up by the North Koreans. We got him back when we got the Pueblo crew back.
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  15. Grump, I'm a computer dummy, so I'll just post a link to our unit society's web page. The patch, a simple red diamond, is promently displayed.
    If your ship provided gunfire support to the Marines along the DMZ, you helped us as well.
    The 1st Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), US Army, was OPCON'ed to the 3rd Marine Division. The New Jersey was gone by the time I got there, but she was still being talked about. With great respect, I might add.
    We did continue to recieve naval gunfire support even after New Jersey left.
    Check us out -
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