Vietnam 10 ga

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    The Winchester 97 and Ithaca 37 slamfire without modification. Hold the trigger down and work the slide and they fire every time the bolt is closed.

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    My fathers do?
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    Mine don't, My 201 showed what weapons I was qualified on, but nowhere does it show what individual weapon I was ever issued. Perhaps the other services do things differently but somehow I doubt it.Sometimes a file packet will have items other than those that are supposed to be in it. I remember setting down at the personnel office for a record review and the clerk pulling out loads of records and giving me, to do with what ever my little heard desired. It is quite possible that a weapon receipt has sometimes wound up in the wrong file ( instead of the trash can ), but it is not standard or authorized.
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    My fathers list all his issue firearms except the Thompson he had on board ship as it was a unit weapon not his personal. I asked my dad about this and he says most records do not list these things. I figured this was standard. I am the son and grandson of life members of the Navy but I did not join as they would not let me be on a sub..
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    Just as a general comment, it should be quite possible (though perhaps not really feasible) to convert a pump shotgun to semi-auto; that is what manufacturers have done by using a piston surrounding the magazine tube. And any semi-auto gun can be made full auto with more or less difficulty. But such contraptions were not issued to American troops.

    As for records, I was a company and battalion armorer and my weapon inventory and assignment records and cards were "ephemera" which is a fancy word for "trash when obsolete". When a soldier transferred out, I trashed his weapons card. When weapons were turned in for repair or replacement, the inventory list was thrown away and a new one prepared (no computers in those days). Nothing went in the soldier's 201 file about the weapon his was issued.

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    Gasp!!, Do you mean there was really a time with out computers ???, Next you will saying every thing had to be done using old manual typewriters instead of word processors. Oh the shame of it.:eek:
  8. The shame of it was watching me type on those old typewriters. Even at 5 words a minute on a good day I still had to go back and do a lot of erasing...No whiteout for us. I hate to think what anybody who had to read my documents thought about the mess I handed in. If it was important it wasn't given to me for typing. :eek:
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    I'd have just gone back and typed X's over the misspelled stuff, course that might not have been allowed.
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    in our arsenal we had a 12 ga pump, I cannot remember the manufacturer for certain but I think it was an Ithaca. What stood out on this particular weapon was the absence of a trigger. The trigger guard was intact but no trigger. When a round was chambered, it went boom. I guess under certain circumstances this would be useful.

    One day the 1st sgt had a FNG (not me) inventory the arms room. To make a long story short, he was damn lucky he didn't kill someone, a wall locker took the brunt of the blast.
  11. And now you know why they called them slamfire guns. That one was modified specifically for use in an unfriendly environment like in the enemy's trenches or his house.

    It is why it is not a good weapon for security personnel.
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  12. Hadn't heard that term in a long time.. :D:D
    we called em "cherries" as in "Just waiting to be popped [SHOT]" in the Infantry,
    some didn't last too long. :eek:
  13. By chance, his first name wasn't "Ronnie" was it ?
    If it was, your mothers name was Marie.
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