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    My user id is twins and I am looking to find some information for someone. It was suggested on Tac's board (the firearms forum) that I post over here.

    A friend of the family is looking to find guys he served with in '68 and '69 in the Ashau (sp) Valley. Hill 961 or 963 I think is what he said, 101 Airborne. I think he has found people from Texas and Minnesota.

    I am meeting with him again at the end of next week and will set him up a user id if he has not already done so. (I forgot to ask if I could put his name on here so I will wait until I talk to him to make sure it is ok.)

    I would also like to get a list of any boards or web sites out there (especially ones) that may help him to find the guys he served with. If anyone has a list that they want to email me my address is



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    Re: Vietnam Boards and resources

    Post the info in our "Find Your Buddies" forum,
    that forum is for finding folks who served with
    each other.
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    Twins...check your email.
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