"Vintage Rifles" now available at Dunham's Sportin

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 3, 2003.

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    A guy told me Dunham's Sporting Goods sold old rifles like mine, so Sunday when I was with my daughter at her college, Mom and them went to the grocery store, I went next door to a Dunham's.

    Sure enough, they had a M91 for $59.95, a VZ-24 for 89.95, a Turk 38 for 79.95, a Pole and Hunky M44 for 79.95 ea(sold out) a Fr-8 for $169.95, a Garand for $499.95, and a Jungle Carbine for $349.95 on display. Called it their "Vintage Rifle" section. I asked to see the 91, she said no key, I'll get you one from the back.

    Pulled it out of the Century box, first thing I notice is a damn NAIL in the forend holding the front barrel band on, no markings on the reciever whatsoever, but a Finn stock. She says, oh the stock is cracked, I look and the WHOLE toe of the stock is cracked off!! Told her I'd give her $20 for it for parts, she wasn't amused.

    Century rejects, what do you know!!!

    I checked out the FR-8 though, .308, kinda rough but ALMOST worth it. It was thick with cosmo, but came with a bayonet and sling, nice markings.

    Century "Crap and Reject" Sales strikes again!!!!

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    have you ever heard of FAC? got a catalog in the mail they have some good prices but it might be the same grade of junk you were talking about the M44 Hun, Rom, Pol, or Rus $39.95 They list VZ-24's good $59 cracked stock $49 I was thinking about one of the cracked to strip for an action but if these are something that Mel Fisher dragged up off the bottom of the sea well, that's another matter

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    That's right, I have their catalogue too...has anybody ever dealt with them?

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    Funny thing - I just noted in your post below that FAC has the Nagant revolvers. They started out as Federal Arms Corporation, and specialized in replacement barrels for pistols. In the last couple of years they expanded out to selling all this other surplus stuff. I got a replacement barrel from them years ago, and it was fine.
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    Can you help out with a link to FAC.

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    For some reason,you'll need to go here:

    I don't know why they changed it,maybe a domain ownership thing or something?
    Hope this helps,Robert.
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    While the selection at my local Dunhams is usually crap as far as C&R stuff goes it is possible to find a diamond in the rough sometimes. I stop in about once a month to see what new. I did manage to grab a Mosin Nagant Converted Dragoon (they had it listed as a MN 91/30) for $69.00 which is not too bad IMO. Most of the stuff they have is pretty rough though.

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    I have purchased more than a few "vintage rifles" from dunhams. At the point of purchase the stock were the only things in rough shape. After thorough cleaning though every single rifle turned out to be perfect shooters. Just like with any used gun you have to use discretion when buying. Just cause the stock is crap doesn't mean the rest of the gun is. My k-31 refinished beautifully, and shoots very accurately to boot. Also a few mosins and an sks all turned out to be very reliable.
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    Yeah, not long after I posted the original post, I stumbled on a MINT Romanian M44 for $79.99 that I just happened to need to fill out my collection of them, but didn't have my checkbook or cash, so I asked him to hold it for me until the next Monday...when I went to pick it up, not only did he SAVE it for me, when I got it I found out all their "vinatage" rifles had gone on sale on SUnday, so they sold it to me for $59.99!!!

    I always find a reason to go into Dunhams and "kick the tires," MOST everything i can buy with my CRFFL cheaper, AND in better condition, but once in a while there's a real steal hiding there....

    And that was a NEAT find, smallbore! It MIGHT not be, a true "Dragoon" conversion, they are kind of rare, but it might be what I and many other collectors call "Transition" rifles. For $69 I would have scarfed it up to! I'll have to go to some more Dunham's soon and look more closely at their 91s!!!

    They converted MORE pre-exisiting 91's into 91/30s than even previously thought, I've seen and owned several; and they are my FaVORITE ones...

    If it has the real 91/30 front and rear sights, and a "real" 91/30 stock, it COULD have been a Dragoon, but PROBABLY was a "Transition" 91...

    Yours is a neat Ishvesk, I have one like that too, with BOTH the "post-1928" Ishevsk marking (hammer and sickle in wreath) probably stamped when it was made into a 91/30, but also the "pre-1928" Izzy bow and arrow. Plus many transition's had the cyrillic markings ground off or defaced in some way, your's looks like the commie bastards left alone! That's neat!

    IF you hold it up to a "real" (post-1930) 91/30 you may see some subtle differences, like a slightly longer barrel too...
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  7. I agree, buying a milsurp from a retail dealer can be a good thing if you get lucky and know what you're doing. I've found that often the retailers do not know what they have and also that they will sell you a POS at five times its value if you're not careful. My local dealer recently had a Mosin 38 on his rack for sale at $250.00! Nothing special about the rifle, just a typical Izzy Mod 38 with a counterbored barrel and a very rough stock. When I told him I could buy a much better rifle than that for well under $100, he looked a bit sheepish and tried to change the subject very quickly. :D ;)
  8. polishshooter

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    Well, I had to "work" today, ;) so after a couple of hours at the office, went to Dunhams, and saw nothing special at anything I'd like to pay. He had a MINT 1946 M44 in a PRETTY clean blonde stock, but wanted 129.99 for it...had a nice selection of 91/30s, but all $109.99 regular, $159.99 laminated. A couple of them were interesting, a not that common late 1942 wartime highwall with all the rough machining typical of the more common 1943 wartimes, but ALSO a 1943 wartime highwall in a pretty stock that was NOT rough, but in fact polished REALLY nicely...I wonder if it was a "show" or honor guard rifle? ALso had a sweet looking 1940 dated M38 in a nice 44 stock, but for $129.99...

    But the manager got to talking, (and said he was learning alot about them from me!:cool: ) and asked me if ALL M38s are counterbored, (I said all the recent ones I've seen are) and asked me why, I explained, then said he had a guy stick a bullet in the muzzle before he knew that they were and try to tell him the barrel was "wore out." He aalso told me a guy buys all the hex 91/30s he has and has him call him whenever he gets any...:mad:

    Then he went and pulled the copy of their upcoming ads so I could check prices, next Sunday they are running 91/30s and M38s for $89.99. and Yugo SKS for $99.99, but what intrigued me was their "3 day only" Labor Day sale, they are going to have US made Savage No.4 Enfields for $159.99, HHmmm...that's cheaper than I think SOG has them MY price...he said he has two in stock, but ecpects to get a couple more before then, but they should go fast.

    There's a couple of other Dunham's nearby, I'll check them sometime this week, but the Indy 1500 is next weekend, so I think I'll save my money...
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