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    Apr 23, 2012
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    I have a Walther PP from WW II. From the S/N, I believe that it was made in 1944. The S/N is 3409xxP. My research indicates that it was the 4th variation of the pistol. The slide states: "Waffenfabrik Walther Zella-Mehlis (Thur)". Acceptance Stamps read "WaA359" on the frame and left side; the Test Stamps are the Eagle over the Swastika, on the barrel, slide and frame. The weapon came with a dark brown flap over holster and only one magazine. The weapon is in extremely good condition, as is the holster. Any idea as to what it may be worth? Thanks.

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  2. i know you will get a better answer than i am going to give but these pistols used to carry a very high price tag.however they can now be purchased as used from a number of sources at much lower prices than previously.the picture you show seem to have a number of rough machine marks and that is normal for the fourth generation.i maybe wrong but i think around 400-500 at this time.i hope im wrong because the one i have had for the last 30 years will be worth more than i thought. old semperfi

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    Any and everything of the the WWII era is going up in price. Patches, uniforms, weapons, bubblegum, you name it people are collecting it. Now that the Greatest generation is passing people want a piece of the history. The Walther PPs and PPKs are especially desired, perhaps because all the movies they have been portrayed in. I'm not a Walther collector but I would not be surprised if the value of your PP and holster ( if correct for the gun ) would be over a thousand dollars. Could be wrong ,been wrong before:D
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    Apr 23, 2012
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    Thanks for your responses. Hopefully it will go up in value even more, but I'm not sure. I would eventually like to sell it. At the time that it was manufactured (1944), the Walther factory in Zella-Mehlis, Germany had many foreign workers. Not sure, but this could account for the visible machine markings, plus the guns at the time may have been made more hastily; the U.S. Army invaded and took over control of the town and factory in early April, 1945.
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    A late war specimen such as this showing heavy machine marks might bring around $700these days. There might be additional value for the holster, especially if it has any maker or military acceptance markings.
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    From mid-1942 on, German war production was speeded up to replace the heavy losses in materiel sustained on the Russian front, and things got worse with every passing month. As war casualties increased, German workers were drafted into the Army and replaced first by "guest" workers, then by concentration camp inmates. But the drop in quality was more due to the increase in production than to the nationality or status of the workers.

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    Wow ...and I still have my great grandfathers helmet from WWI. Old Hickory Div. from NC. Original liner in it too.
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