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  1. I have a Walther PPK (see pics) which I bought back in the 70's from a surplus dealer. It came with 2 magazines, an instruction booklet in German and a manufacturer's plastic case (no holster). I've lost the original receipt and have only slight recollection of it's original cost (around $250 USD) and would appreciate anyone being able to give me an idea of what it might be worth today. I hardly shoot it anymore as .32 ammo in Canada has become quite rare and expensive.

    At the time I bought it, the hand gun was classified by Canadian law simply as a restricted weapon and could be sold or traded to anyone else who had the same rating on their license (pretty much anyone who had a license for a handgun). Since then, the laws have changed and currently the gun is classified as a prohibited weapon and can only be held by, or sold to, someone who has that same classification on their license. The prohibited classification is not available anymore to new handgun owners, other than dealerships, so I cannot even hand it on to any of my sons. Not too sure whether to keep it or not. Any advice/information (other than seeking political asylum in the U.S.:)) would be helpful.

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  2. StoneChimney

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Nice Walther. $700 range.

    That is the PP model, not the PPK.

  3. grcsat

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Hi, there is no need to get the sucker prices that the Canadian dealers are giving you.
    There are probably over 500,000 canadians with the 12.5 and 12.6 licences.
    The big problem is that you can only sell to someone who has a prohibited licence. And the market is depressed because no one knows if the gun laws will change. I myself have a prohibited lisence and I'm still buying handguns. And run into people all the time dumping their prohibs. at a fraction of thier value. Sadly there are many Canadians who think just like you and they feel that they must dump their prohbs.

    Advertice it in the paper and have some patients. You can and in time get a good price for it.

    If you sell to a dealer your prohb. will be stateside in 48 hours at triple the price you were given.
    Don't give it away and don't give up your prohb. ,I know far too many people cryng because they lost their prohb. So don't do it.

    One thing to keep in mind is that collectable handguns are much cheaper in Canada than in th US . anywere from 20% to well over 60%. depending on what you have. Please note that this is a general rule and there is always exeptions.

    AS for a value, $500-600 is within reason.

    Don't give it away and keep your prohb.!

    Forgot to mention . Yes you can pass down your prohb. to a direct family member.I don't remember all the paperwork involved but I have already set it up for my daugther. So don't believe the BS about you can't do it. I have even talked to a couple of uninformed cops about it and they had no idea what I was talking about. So do your homework and keep away from the armchair experts.

    If you must sell your walther PP then at least pick up a cheap prohb. frame (seen them as cheap as $35 ) and this way you still keep your prohb. licence.
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  4. Thanks for all the information and advice. Much appreciated.
  5. wonderwhippet

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Are there any gun shows or gathering places for selling/trading guns in Canada?
  6. grcsat

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Oh , there sure is. Everthing is about the same as were you live but we have to conform to stricter gun laws. Yes we do have some really big gun shows up here. And some crazy gun laws to boot.

    Before this last round of gun laws, every gun regulation was writen on one peice of paper or posibly two. The new regulations are now in a 500 page binder and nobody realy knows what the heck is going on.

    Prior to all this BS , a Canadian could buy a firearm any were in the world exept the US.( dam import license cost too much).
    On a personal note I have ordered a custom built Vostok from the USSR and had it delivered to my front door. (it should have been delivered to the cop shop but that was their mistake) I have also ordered an M14 from mainland China and had it delivered to my house.
    As a Canadian I have even gone to Cuba for a shooting match. By the way if you do go down there make sure you never come in first. The winner has to buy all the booze.

    The Canadian gun law/regestry is now known as the biggest tax grab in Canadian history.

    We used to have one of the best gun laws in the world , But the Liberals really FU*** it up.

    Now you know.
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  7. grcsat

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    Oct 2, 2010
    This year the liberals are now tryn to ban crossbows in Canada.

    This is realy depressing ...I'm going for a drink....Rum.
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