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    As has been stated the S&W PPKs are not near the quality of the real German ones. I have been tempted of late to purchase a used German one - but they desire 1K for it and I remember paying just over $200 for my older one .... inflation + obamafear I know ...
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    Jun 13, 2009
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    I have a collectable Golden Eagle PPK/S that I sent in for the recall and got it back in 60 days. Beautiful pistol.

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    Isn't the PPS the slimline model? fired a bunch through a range gun, used a PPK also, no problems but got better groups from the PPS.
  4. Yeah, but a PPS is a totally different design.
  5. abuch

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Walther made the PP and PPK from the early 1930s until the end of WWII. In 1952 and 1953 production began in Mulhouse(French sector under the Yalta treaty) as a result of a license agreement with Manurhin, a machine tool maker, who created the Walther tooling for the PP and PPK. The parts were shipped to the Walther plant in Ulm West Germany where the pistols were assembled, roll marked, fitted, proofed, grip fitted,and blued. The trip was 130 miles from Mulhouse. Walther avoided the Treaty for production with the French license but because the pistols were completed in at the Ulm plant they could be marked "Made in West Germany". When the plant at Ulm was completed, Walther began production of the P38 in 1957 as Germany regained its sovereignty and he received a contract from the German government. Thus, the P38 post WWII was made in Germany. So the last PP and PPK of 100% German manufacture was prior to WWII and Manurhin was the parts manufacturer until 1985 and these were the pistols exported to Interarms in the US. In 1968 the Gun Control Act forced the creation of the PPK/S(special) since the PPK was below the minimum profile under the Act. Walther took the PP frame and the PPK slide and barrel and made the PPK/S with production beginning in 1969. In 1979, Interarms licensed Ranger Mfg. Gadsen, Al to produce the PP and PPK/S ignoring the Manuhrin license but this lasted only a short time because Manuhrin felt it infringed on their license. Manuhrin continued making the PP and PPK/S until 1985. In the late 1900s came the S&W manufacture. There are no reports of where the US tooling was secured for Ranger or S&W. Hope this helps.
  6. traf0069

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    Dec 3, 2010
    I just bought a S&W Walther ppk, and only fired off six rounds, and the pistol performed great. The shot pattern was all over hell's half acre, but the gun did it's job. The shells ejected about ten feet from where i was, I found that remarkable. I've had pistols before but they were all revolvers, so I traded two of them in at Cabela's. Did'nt get a smokin' deal, but I wanted something I could carry and have fun with at the same time. The only bitch I have with gun is that it's a bear to take apart! The first time I tried to field strip it, pulled the trigger guard aside, put the safety on, and pulled back the slide. I could'nt believe how stiff the dang spring is! Maybe I'm low on testosterone, but Jaysus H. Keerist! Anyway, I got it apart twice, now I can't get the slide off anymore. It locks in place like the clip is empty, but do you think I can raise the backend off the pistol? No way Jose! Am I doing anything wrong? If I am, I'm not doing anything different now then when it came apart the first couple of times. I'm at a loss, other than filing down some parts that will make this easier to strip, I have no idea what the problem is. I recall in the service, the ol' .45 practicallly fell apart in your hands when you wanted to field strip them. So guys give me some pointers on how to do this easier, other than hiring a young stud to help me hold that slide back!......By the way, you can email me at "nascar@pacifier.com" with the pointers...Tom
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    It is NOT a good idea to post email addresses in forums.

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    relax "dave" if you're not answering my question, then it's none of your business if i put my email address up or not. i'm a big boy and i'll do as i please, do we understand each other? hope so.....tom
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