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  1. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Sit back this is a thing of Beauty

    GB Sr: had us remove Iraq from Kuwait cause we could not have So-dam-Insane in control of all that oil. Iraq now probably has larger oil reserves than anybody. Look for yourself.

    GB JR: Sent us there to remove WMD’s. Here he is laughing about not finding any. I guess the dead feel pretty stupid now don’t they?

    A couple of years ago I was able to make money and lived like a capitalist. Today I find myself under the HNIC. I guess I should be happy for the scraps that are thrown my way hugh? I love scraps with all the dirt on them, they taste sooooo good. The dirt is crunchy so I just imagine it’s fried breaded scraps. Oh! not hot breaded dirty crunchy scraps! no! no! no! cold for sure! Wouldn’t be right if they were hot. How else would I know I was a pee-on if it were not for cold scraps?

    Hillary Rotten Cling-On: tells 3rd world countries to exploit their natural resources. Then she jumps on a plane and puts on her other face and tells us we can’t. It’s like all those 3rd world countries have the new improved female reproductive organ to bring forth new life into the world. We are left with the old dried up one that doesn’t work anymore. Lucky us hugh?

    Those poor CIA guys that are under Holders microscope, bet they never saw this coming. Lesson learned, don’t (mess) with the Muslims I guess. I guess those infidels at the CIA just had that a-coming. Screw Amerikkkkka!

    What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right!

    And I am sick of faggots too. There is something really wrong with one man playing with another mans junk.

    Yesterday some here informed me of a terrible multiple cop killing in the north part of our country. Seems that one of the perpetrators was killed and one is still alive but paralyzed. I am glad someone got to kill one of these POS. As for the other one, I guess it’s over. He is in custody and will never walk again so that’s it. He will probably go to court in his hospital bed and ventilator while the jury decides if he is innocent or not. Then the judge will have his turn and pass judgment on the vegetable. Sweet justice isn’t it?

    No it’s not! I think the LEO’s should take up a collection of pee and fill 55-gallon drums and hang them off the ceiling. Run a small hose down and play Chinese pee torture on this POS. But that won’t happen cause it’s wrong you see. What will probably happen is a cute young nurse will get a speeding ticket cause she was late to change this POS colostomy bag. Now that’s justice!

    No one is left that can be trusted, No one!
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  2. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Wootton Bassett is a model English town. The name is redolent with connotations of village life, farmers' markets, tiled roofs and doughty values. It is near the Lyneham RAF base, where planes bring back the bodies of British servicemen killed in Afghanistan.

    Spontaneously, people in the town began demonstrations of respect for the hearses from the base as they passed through the main street. People simply stood to attention in silence whenever a hearse went by with its glass sides revealing a coffin draped in the Union Jack.

    The spontaneous gesture grew organically, until hundreds of people became involved. The gesture became a silent community demonstration, a ritual where the main street stood still. Unhappily, it became a common ritual. The number of British military personnel killed in Afghanistan over the past three years stands at 241, more than during the invasion of Iraq.

    After the media heard about the ritual it became an event. Inevitably, some parasites were attracted to the phenomenon. In Western society there is no greater parasite than the Islamic fundamentalist, who exploits everything from the West while respecting nothing. One such parasite is Anjem Choudary, an Englishman born and bred, and a lawyer. He is also an enemy of the state, protected by the freedoms he is committed to destroy.

    Choudary has long supported Islamic militancy and separatism. He wants Islamic law for Muslims living in Britain. He has set up a system where Muslims in Britain can marry under sharia, bypassing civil law. He claims to have married 1800 couples and conducted hundreds of divorces.

    Choudary saw an opportunity at Wootton Bassett. Last week, he announced a plan to lead supporters carrying 500 coffins through the main street to signify the Muslim civilians ''murdered'' in Afghanistan by ''merciless'' coalition forces.

    The response was predictable. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: ''I am personally appalled by the prospect of a march in Wootton Bassett . . . Any attempt to use this location to cause further distress and suffering to those who have lost loved ones would be abhorrent and offensive.'' Home Secretary Alan Johnson chimed in: ''It fills me with revulsion.'' And so the reaction rippled out through the media and into cyberspace, where hundreds of thousands responded. Leaders of the hard-right British National Party vowed to physically block any march by Islamists in Wootton Bassett.

    Mission accomplished. Choudary says he chose Wootton Basset to attract ''maximum attention''. His goal was to detonate a cultural bomb, and he succeeded. This provocation from a fringe-dweller in the wider Muslim ranks should never have been dignified with a response from the Prime Minister.

    Once again, the West's political, legal and media systems keep feeding the deluded and the perverted with the power of publicity. This is a cultural struggle that pits a large, wealthy and evolved Western civilisation against a relatively small and dispersed core of murderers and religious fanatics. The cost of containing and responding to the threat runs to billions of dollars, while the cost of imposing the threat is minute.

    For the marginal and the fanatical, the idea of being feared in the West is an end in itself. It is a victory. This challenge thus needs to be fought with more subtle and practical intellectual weapons: better language, better legal responses, better security intelligence and more stealth.

    The greatest single burden in making a more effective response is the West's own legal system. The most recent example was the near-murder of 278 people on board a US airliner on Christmas Day, in the name of Islamic jihad. MI5 has been accused of failing to alert US authorities to the extremist links of Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who attempted to bomb the plane in mid-flight using a device secreted in his underwear.

    Even though he had come to the attention of MI5, The Sunday Times yesterday reported the agency was advised by its legal department to withhold its file on Abdulmutallab out of concerns about breaching his human rights and privacy. The fear of a potential civil rights lawsuit by an African Muslim outweighed security concerns. The files were released only after he attempted to blow up the plane.

    This is human rights gone mad.

    One of the most damaging intellectual legacies of George Bush was his declaration of a ''war on terror'' and its invitation for jihad. Now we have Barack Obama deciding to try the surviving protagonists of the September 11 bombings in a civil trial in New York. It will be a legal three-ring circus. It is a political risk of the highest order. More insidiously, it is a conceptual blunder.

    The decision also plays into the concept of ''lawfare'', where the laws of the West are used by those who despise the West and do not play by the rules of the West. The tactic is to clog up the courts, governments and media with lawsuits about human rights violations. The burgeoning and amorphous field of human rights has been a paradise for this practice, both in international and domestic law.

    But those who seek to wage war against a society should not have recourse to the civil laws of that society. Their activities should be examined by a tribunal, where the sifting of all evidence has primacy and the distractions and dissembling of a public trial have no audience and thus no point.

    We have the capacity to create such a system, but not yet the will. It would be anathema to the human rights industry, and a winner with the electorate.

    Here in Australia we allow some self styled sheik to send letters to the next of kin of dead Soldiers and allow him to protest in the steets under our legislation, his protest is to call all Australians filthy pigs who slop at the US trough, whilst he himself lives off the taxpayer on a disability pension , he has never worked a day since he arrived in this country and has spent over $300,000n of tax payers money to fight in court ( through the public defenders office and legal aid) sueing us as a nation for the war of terror.

    Should we just give this nut and others like him ammunition to use against us? as this ammounts to the same thing, he is using our resources to send us broke when there are guenuine needy out there who miss out because he used the funds

    Please, what ever you do , if you see anything of this nature protest it, write your lawful representatives, call them and ask why they help the enemy, who wishes us dead.

    Take legal actions against those who support these people and let them know we the people of the allied nations that enough is enough, that it must stop and stop now.



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    Apr 6, 2009
    Golden, Colorado
    Don't hold back my Brother..... tell us how you really feel! ;) :D

    Btw, definately worthy of a rant!

  4. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    If you guys did not see detriot in reuins you need to

    more fuel.


    here it is

    tell me what hurricane hit DETRIOT? cause this is worse than new orleans

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  5. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010

    the fact is we are all responcible in this

    take a good look at the world how the big business's started running the agenda's for the UN, the EU , Australia, and other places.

    John Howard the former PM was a good friend of the US right? wrong he was in the pay of US and other BUSINESS interests

    look at Rwanda

    the same people who forced them to surrender even kitchen knives and allowed them to be slaughtered then got the mineral rights assigned to these business's and the lawyer who's pen wrote that is now in your white house

    didnt see it coming ??

    we all did but instead we chose the comfortable option as we do today

    we have many channels of sport and comfy chairs and did not think that sending the jobs to china would be bad , why? we beleived the folks who said it would be great.

    we knew then it would not be but we where able to buy stuff cheaper even though not as well made and they dont last but who cared then??

    now we do and its too late ( almost)

    we allowed the finacial markets to do what they wanted and these people are still making fortunes but do we care, maybe a bit more

    if we cared we would be in the streets saying NO MORE

    but where are the crowds??

    we declared war on terror , then declared it won

    then why are our brothers and sisters still dying over there??

    but we do little

    we beleive lies my friend we are suckers for those in power but they only get thier power through us ..

    take the power away and they'll have nothing

    but will we??

    i doubt it

    folks are too confortable and scared to lose what they have

    for a few creature comforts we sold ourselves out so we have no-one else to blame but ourselves but the PC attitude is to never accept blame but to "move forward" or "create a new paradigim" or "focus on whats core" which all means forget the past and do what we say now, forget we lied to you here's the new lies

    so damn ourselves as we are the ones responcible but only if you dont follow the PC retoric, if you do then keep looking for someone to blame..


  6. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    "In a nutshell, Detroit sucks." Here in Wisconsin, Janesville used to be a big town centered around the auto industry because the GM plant that built Suburbans and a few other trucks was in Janesville. Well, when GM closed the Janesville plant, it all went downhill. Home values went down, unemployment rates went up. Alot of that town was centered around the auto industry. Auto workers' unions are alot to blame for it. Just like he explains the teachers' unions hurt students' educations. It's the unions that are causing the downfall of automakers like GM and Chrysler. Ford idk. I thought Ford was doing better than GM or Chrysler. He's right though. The liberals keep bailing out these automakers because the unions elect them. I do HVAC as a job and am a union worker. Only reason is because it's more steady work in my industry. But we aren't overpaid and underworked like the auto workers.

    I thought California was a craphole. Detroit is the armpits of the country. Even the most rundown places here in Madison aren't as bad as Detroit.

    Idk. If you ask me, I think the unions are more concerned about how much money they pocket, not about protecting and/or helping the workers.

    Great video. I wish there was some film maker on the right wing who would make a documentary film out of this. 5 stars!
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  7. Bobitis

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    I thought the POTUS bailed out the auto industry?:eek::rolleyes:
  8. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Yeah but that money probably got sucked up by the UAW.
  9. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Exactly what he bailed out was the UAW contract. Hey they only make $75/hour all in they the needed help.
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