Warning of UK-style riots in alienated pockets of Melbourne

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    otherwise stated as give us what we want or we'll start a riot ..

    RIOTS - similar to those that erupted in English cities last August - could occur in parts of Melbourne if more isn't done to help pockets of alienated African-Australian youth feel included, warn young people and community leaders.

    University student Hannah Fesseha and her friends (pictured) say riots could happen here as many African youth are upset about the same issues. Ms Fesseha recently formed Imara Advocacy, a group calling for Victoria Police to adopt the receipt system used by UK police that records when and why a person is stopped. At present she says Victoria Police officers are harassing African youth without recognising it.
    Research by the London School of Economics after the UK riots found African youth were seven times more likely to be stopped by police than others, and resulting antipathy towards police triggered the disorder. Poor prospects, and the perception that an African man's death wasn't thoroughly investigated, also contributed.

    Daniel Haile-Michael and his friends Hany Gebreslassie and Getachew Woreta (both pictured) are studying at university or TAFE but avoid the city as they are often questioned by police, only to then be refused entry to bars by bouncers. ''It's unfair and frustrating but it happens,'' says Mr Haile-Michael. ''So we socialise in African cafes in Footscray where we feel safe - and welcome.''
    Mr Haile-Michael grew up in the Flemington housing commission flats, and, while he made it to university, some of his friends have ended up in jail. Chantelle Higgs, a youth engagement officer at the Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre, says most African refugees and migrants make progress at English language schools and build successful lives. But some are inadequately supported when they move to mainstream schools, and so drop out, fail to find work and quickly become demoralised and disaffected.
    Child safety commissioner Bernie Geary says government and welfare agencies must work together to help such youth, particularly those in youth justice facilities or prison.
    ''We need to connect them with education. Some have a predetermined concept of police because of previous trauma,'' he says.
    Negiat Taher, a leader in the Eritrean community, recently met with some Flemington youths who had attended the fiery public meetings, held to discuss the mysterious death of Ethiopian man Michael Atakelt, found in the Maribyrnong River last July.
    The young men's anger shocked her. ''I thought, 'This is so sad'. Some seem to hate certain police officers and don't trust the system because they feel hassled. The pressure is building and when it explodes, it won't be a pretty sight,'' she says.
    Mr Atakelt was in police custody the night before he disappeared. Dr Berhan Ahmed of the African Think Tank at Melbourne University says the delay in scheduling the inquest has fuelled support for the claim by Michael's father, Getachew Atakelt Seyoum, that his son was murdered.
    A directions hearing to determine the scope of the police investigation for the inquest will be held on June 22. Community leaders such as Dr Ahmed want the homicide squad to investigate.
    Assistant Commissioner Stephen Fontana says Footscray police will conduct a thorough investigation. Since Michael Atakelt's death, police officers have participated in many sporting events and camps with disadvantaged youth.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/w...f-melbourne-20120513-1yl0k.html#ixzz1unb7m5xQ

    and they wonder why they are being targeted ? maybe because 70% of african students commit crimes while supposedly studying here , most dont finish courses and most apply to stay as refugee's when they fail their course or get expelled
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    Meh, let em riot and don't give em anything. They'll probably do like they did here during the LA Riots out in CA in the 90s and end up burning down their own neighborhoods anyway.
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    Gotta wonder how they stole whole neighborhoods.
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    DHS gotta have some kinda targets for all those 4 1/2 million bullets they bought.
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