Watch out for this pond scum on GB

Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by warpig, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Look out for this jerk on GB. I fought like crazy to get this feedback removed from my 500 A+ feedbacks, to no avail with
    the Admin from GB. He now has a D and 2 F's and GB will not even respond, even though he has flaked on almost 1/2 of his auctions. His F posted on me was total bulls**t.

    User Name: highcountryuser
    E-Mail Address:
    Name: Jesse Michaels
    Address: 115 BEAR CREEK RD
    FRIENDSVILLE, MD 21531-3139
    United States
    Day Phone Number: 301-746-4061

    User: Mr Kitte500 A+( Date: 08/04/2001 6:05:01 PM Item: 1689700
    D: he won my auction and never got in touch with me I e-mailed him 2 times and the time is and I had to relist the item

    User: teehee A+(505) Date: 06/28/2001 12:14:51 AM Item: 1346379
    F: Look out for this bidder. He posted my merchandise was no good, BUT he never completed the auction and never rec'd my goods, he is a sneaky, slimy, no-good liar.
    Response: this teehee guy is full of crap. he sell junk and dont know a damn thing about the junk he sells. this guy is a losser. watch out for him.
    Follow-up: Besides a liar you are the LOSER and you can't even spell that word. Try PATHOLOGICAL LIAR

    User: ranjan rifles etc A+(44) Date: 05/06/2001 10:21:13 PM Item: 1249819

    User: fosterdl A+(23) Date: 04/15/2001 8:12:48 PM Item: 1017816
    F: Stalled on payment for several weeks by promising to send money. Finally backe dout of purchase claiming to have found something else. F---

    User: GUITARDJ A+(79) Date: 04/13/2001 12:22:01 AM Item: 1070147
    A+: Took a while to complete this transaction, but all is well and overall went fine. A+

    User: DAVID H. RALSTON A+(119) Date: 04/12/2001 7:03:52 PM Item: 1127933

    User: MAXWELL 1 A+(151) Date: 03/08/2001 8:15:44 PM Item: 988226
    A+: Fast pay and great e-mails. Recommend to all.

    User: MAXWELL 1 A+(151) Date: 02/25/2001 8:49:10 PM Item: 960421
    A+: Good e-mails. Fast pay. Recommend to all for business. Thank you.

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    Re: Watch out for this pond scum on GB
    Thanks for the Heads-up Teehee.

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