Way to GO, MOM!

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    Jul 13, 2007
    PETROS, (Tennessee) - Maternal instinct remains strong, even if mom is 75 years old.

    Jesse Williams, 28, discovered that truism Thursday night when the mother of a man he allegedly was fighting shot him once in the leg to halt the assault on her son.

    According to Morgan County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy William Angel, Williams broke into David Brandenburg's home at 905 Back Petros Road. The 43-year-old Brandenburg was home and began struggling with the intruder.

    The fighting men spilled out from the house and onto the yard, where Brandenburg's mother, Ruth Robbins, heard the commotion. Robbins lives next door to her son, Angel said.

    When Robbins tried to intervene, Williams allegedly assaulted her, Angel said. Robbins then shot Williams once in the leg near the groin area.

    Williams was taken by ambulance to a hospital after the 9:03 p.m. shooting where he was treated and then released.

    Authorities charged Williams with burglary, aggravated assault and simple assault, Angel said.

    Although Brandenburg sustained injuries from his battle with Williams, Brandenburg declined medical treatment.

    Angel said no charges will be filed against Robbins.
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    Makes me wonder if she kept her Marlboro in her mouth or held it in her weak side hand! :eek: :D :D :D

    Good stuff mrkirker

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    Older, and wiser than her son! Where was his gun?
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    Sep 15, 2009
    Well she was trying not to hit her kid, but the phrase "I was in fear for my life" comes to mind.
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    Jul 13, 2007
    In that part of the mountains, and given her age, it's much more likely that she was smoking a corncob pipe! :D
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    Missed it by....> <....that much. :mad:
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    She missed the target between the bad guys big toes. He will still be able to breed. You know the courts will have him back on the streets in 2 years all healed up and schooled in the latest techniques in how to break, enter and maim. He has not been made docile.