We Report, We get Pushed

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  1. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    The man that did the pushing was named Meehan and was identified this morning on FOX as a campaign staffer for Coakley.


    Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley attended a fundraiser at the Capitol Hill restaurant Sonoma tonight. After the event concluded, Coakley took two questions from the media but declined to say whether or not she stands by her statement at last night's debate that there aren't any terrorists in Afghanistan (and that they've all gone to Pakistan or Yemen).

    After taking a question from a CNN reporter on the street outside the restaurant, I asked her:

    TWS: Attorney General Coakley, you said last night that there are no terrorists in Afghanistan--that they're all in Yemen and Pakistan. Do you stand by that remark?

    COAKLEY: I'm sorry, did someone else have a question?

    GRIFF JENKINS, Fox News: I did. Why are you in Washington tonight?

    COAKLEY: We planned an event after the primary that would be a unity event in Washington. We're also in the middle of a very intense campaign [...]

    After Coakley finished her answer, she began walking away from the restaurant, and I walked behind her asking why health care industry lobbyists were supporting her at the fundraiser. She didn't reply.

    As I walked down the street, a man who appeared to be associated with the Coakley campaign pushed me into a freestanding metal railing. I ended up on the sidewalk. I was fine. He helped me up from the ground, but kept pushing up against me, blocking my path toward Coakley down the street.

    He asked if I was with the media, and I told him I work for THE WEEKLY STANDARD. When I asked him who he worked for he replied, "I work for me." He demanded to see my credentials, and even though it was a public street, I showed them to him.

    I eventually got around him and met up with the attorney general halfway down the block.

    "Attorney General, could I ask you a question please?" I said. "We're done, thanks," Coakley replied. She walked back toward the restaurant, apparently searching for her car. She remained silent as I (politely) repeated my question.

    Coakley staffers told me they didn't know who the man was who pushed me, though by every indication he was somehow connected to the campaign.
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  2. Helix_FR

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Imperial, MO
    number one snafu in admitting guilt or wrongdoing during an interview, put you hands on the camera lens, resort to violence, act like you don't understand. No camera lens in this case but restraining is just the same. Actions like that lost re-election votes to a few Missouri elected officials in the past few years.

  3. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    It is on video if you go to the web site for the American Standard. Coakley is lucky as the earthquake in Hati is filling the news cycle as this would be the lead otherwise.
  4. hkruss

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    Mar 13, 2008
    Mobile, Al.
    I'm not surprised at all by this, but what I want to know is why the guy that got pushed down did not try to defend himself. While I am certainly no bada$$, if someone puts there hands on me, I would fight back. The guy doing the pushing was bigger than the reporter, but damn! It would have been easy to knee him in the 'nads, or put a finger in his eye or head butt him in the nose, something! Not sporting you say? Tough. If you're gonna fight, fight dirty!
    You see this a lot on T.V. . Reporter asks question, then gets roughed up. They never try to fight back.
    I know, I know, he would probably lose his job or be arrested. (Some will say, "or get the crap beat out of him").Maybe. But I would find it hard to live with myself knowing I was a complete wuss who would not defend myself! I'm not trying to sound macho, but geez, grow a pair and fight back!!!
    Flame away if you want, but am I the only guy here who feels this way?
  5. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    That was my reaction. When I hit the ground the fur would be flying.
  6. red14

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    Aug 17, 2009
    N FLA
    The Press is different than us. Remember they keep the film running when someone gets attacked. They never think about actually helping the atackee. They just comment on how mean the attacker is.

    They film how skinny the kid is, they never give him a sandwich, they want us to.
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