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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tireman, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. tireman

    tireman Member

    Dec 4, 2001
    northeast arkansas
    have a new neighbor who has a huge pit bull--very aggressive also---had the police out to warn the owner--no fence or lanyard, just a house dog---police said shoot to kill when it crosses property line--my wife was leaving for work thurs morn and the dog pinned her in the garage--she finally got back in the house and grabbed my hk .45----needless to say, nervousness and fear caused a lotta noise and 1 scared dog---we went sat to get her over the fear part---shes not an amateuar and she did very well--i wouldnt worry much but my 12 year old has to stand and wait for the bus---the dog just wanders around most of the day because the owner knows everyone is at work---anyway, the mutt wont pin my wife in the garage again!!!!!!
  2. Spurious

    Spurious New Member

    Apr 20, 2005
    results ?

    Did she try to hit the dog? If not where did she aim the rounds?

  3. tireman

    tireman Member

    Dec 4, 2001
    northeast arkansas
    she shot at the dog---she missed far right and he was GONE--sitting on his front porch----she wont miss again i bet----7 to 10 yds he will be gone---the dog has bit the owners stepdaughter twice---owner said kid aggravates dog----wish they would move out!!!!!!!!!my wife dosent want to kill the dog or anything for that matter, but im scared for all the other children around--and we also have an older neighbor who is on chemo--dog scares her to death---
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