"Wehrmann Gewehr" mauser

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    Im not sure how much you guy's know about these but these mausers were made to curcumvent the treaty of versailles. It was a mauser 98 chambered as A 8.15 x 46.5 mm, rimmed. This allowed continued manufacture of these rifles since that wasnt a military rifle caliber. This caliber, if any of you are furmilliar with it, is the european Schutzen cartrage. These rifles were used in the 1938 olympics by the german shooting teams.

    Well, My father and I were at a gunshow for our gunclub we represent(champaign county gun club / gunssavelife.com) and we were just jawin' around and he told me about these. he also mentioned he had only seen one once in his life, which that was on a website. Then it happened, someone walks up with the "do you know what this is?" that everyone asks him...
    He opened that case, I thought he was gunna have a friggin heartattack. he turned pale white, a piece of 8.15x46.5mm history was sitting on his lap. He basicily repeated the whole story to the fellow and told him the value... but sold it for his begining asking price, $450!

    The only site if seen on these german raritys is http://www.collectiblefirearms.com/RiflesMauser.html

    its a plain little rifle but the main differences are...
    the huge wide sight...
    And the lack of a magazine, some however I've seen with magazines but, to my understanding, they aren't supposed to.

    I know the ending may not really belong to this area of the website but I felt it added alil' to the "sence of rarity" to the rifle in question.