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    Watch for great deals coming soon!
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    Thank you for visiting Top Brass Reloading Supplies Storefront. If you are in need of high-quality once fired brass at cheap prices you have come to the right spot. Reloading ammunition will save you money and allow you to construct your ammunition just the way that you need it for your specific use. Here at TBRS, we are reloaders and shooters ourselves, so we know the importance of premium once fired brass and that is what we offer our customers. The once fired brass that we sell is the same brass that we reload for competitive shooting and hunting.

    Our brass casings are collected from public and private shooting ranges as well as state and federal firearms training facilities. The brass shells are cleaned and polished in a special industrial cleaner for 8 hours, inspected, then inspected again. We have found that processing our brass in this manner makes for easier loading and makes for less ammunition related malfunctions. We also add an additional 3% to each quantity to ensure customer satisfaction. OUR ONCE FIRED BRASS DOES NOT NEED TO BE CLEANED AND POLISHED BY YOU. IT IS READY TO LOAD AND SAVES YOU TIME!

    We offer all major pistol calibers and most common rifle calibers. If you do not see the type of once-fired brass listed on the website give us a call at 502-230-1911 or email us at sales@topbrassreloading.com . We often carry less common calibers in small quantities or can get them for you.

    Our products are not just for the individual home reloader and shooter. We also offer bulk once fired brass for commercial reloading outfits, reloading component companies, and wholesalers. If you are interested in bulk sales please give us a call or send our staff an email.

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