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  1. It was a nasty rainy day yesterday so I went to my Mom's and worked in the woodshop for a while. I cut some boards to mount my presses on and got them all reasy to go. When I got back home I clamped my press to the table and got my resizing die set up. I was like a kid at Christmas!!:D I cleaned ten cases by hand, don't have a tumbler yet, inspected them and lubed them then I ran them through the resizing die. I trimmed the cases and cleaned the primer pockets. Hopefully I'll have time later today to prime the cases and finish the process. I'm sure it will all go well becuse of all the info I have read here but if not be ready to answer some questions. Hey, thanks for the primers!!:D
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    You are quite welcome, just enjoy yourself.

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    Good for you. I think that reloading broadens the great sport of shooting even further.
  4. My oldest son (8yo) was facinated by the process. He made me resize every single piece of .30-06 brass I had. Well actually he helped. I cleaned and lubed the brass and he ran it through the press under my watchful eye. Then he cleaned the lube off and I polished the brass up a bit by hand. We didn't trim any more than the first 20 cause we were having too much fun resizing. After he went to bed I got the powder, bullets, and scale out and started working up a load. I used Remington once fired brass, Winchester large rifle primers, 56 grains of Hodgdon H4350, and topped it off with a 155 grain Nosler Custom Competition HPBT bullet. I seated the bullet to the max length of 3.340 per the Lee manual but it wouldn't fully chamber in my Ruger M77 MkII so I seated them down to an even 3.300 and the chambered well. I can't wait to go to the range and see how they do!!
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    There is no getting away from it, reloading can be very enjoyable and satisfying.
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