Well, the Long Branch is here...

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    Mar 25, 2001
    ...and already dressed up for the war!;)

    It was funny, nobody was going to be home to sign, and I had a hearing early then a meeting all day, which DRAGGED...I begged out early and RACED home in the rain thinking the postlady would just leave a note, and if I made it in time I could pick it up at the Post office counter....

    But no luck, got back in town at 4:45, counter closed at 4:30...:mad:

    So I figure, what the heck, I'd go home, and take the notice I was sure would be there in tomorrow at 8:00am before I leave for out of town, try to intercept it before they tried to deliver again....

    So I get home, check the mailbox, sure enough there's the brown notice, but I pull it out and all it says is "TRUCK." ?????:confused:

    SO I go and look in my "Georgia Cracker" S-10 Deer truck and there on the FRONT seat, in the UNLOCKED truck, is the BOX!!!!:eek: At least she didn't leave it "in the door," and it WAS out of the rain, so no harm, AND I got it....

    I wouldn't have wanted to explain THAT to the ATF, if it was stolen! And so much for the "Adult Signature Required!":cool:

    Anyway, it was better than described, SHINY barrel, and he even shipped it with the buttstock removed (MAYBE so the shorter box didn't LOOK like a rifle????:confused: )

    SO instead of putting it back together, (which when held it together and was impressed by it's looks AND lightness, it WOULD make a handy "deer gun" as is...) I put the stock set I got from PS on it, and it's back to original WWII fighting shape! All I need is to pick up a "tent peg" for the muzzle....:D

    And looks NICE I think. I'll post pics as soon as I get them downloaded, it's a slow process the way I have to do it.
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  2. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Well here it is!

    And he was right, NO import markings.

    The "new" stock had a couple of dings and scratches that I touched up with some furniture marking pens I had, and came out nicely. The only trouble I had was the front sight wings were bent, so I had to straighten them, (NOT easy!) and then I couldn't find the screw for it, so I tried to make another one I had work, and it BROKE so I had to drill it out, ended up breaking THREE drill bits, and buggered up the THREADS...:mad:

    But not to worry, the Polish Riflesmith was NOT to be stopped;)

    I drilled out the hole in the front sight a little more, then drilled the hole a LITTLE bigger in the guard and rethreaded it for a 6x48 thread, dug through my boxes until I found a screw the right length, and it WORKED, and touched up the 'white" screw and tip with some cold blue, and you'd have to look CLOSELY to tell it ain't STOCK!;)

    Well, when In Kentucky this week I plan on hitting a BIG gunshop I heard about in Owensboro, that supposedly has TONS of Milsurp...maybe I'll find some ammo AND a "Tent Peg!":) :) :)

    And another thing, I'd be DARNED if I could find my old "Monster" screwdriver that I modified the wood handle to fit my Ishapore's buttstock screw! SO while I'm looking for it, I notice my three M44 bayonets I have tucked away, that I removed from my "project guns," and it hits me...they were designed with SCREWDRIVER tips, right????:p

    You guessed it, it worked like a CHARM to screw the bolt back in...:D (I wouldn't try to use it to remove one that was in for a while though, the "head" is a LITTLE small, you might bugger it up....but it TIGHTENED it fine...

    Plus I don't think that Savage butt is coming off anyway, it was REALLY a tight fit, I even had to rap it home with a block of wood and a hammer, it AIN'T coming off easily....

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  3. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    And I see the rear sights only offer "300" and "600...." HHMMMmmmm....I SURE got spoiled with the Mosins sighted at 100.....

    I wonder how LOW I will have to shoot at 100...or do you think a 6 o'clock hold will get me CLOSE.....?

    And CRAP, I better go log it before I forget.....:eek:
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  4. Put a nice 3-9x42 like mine and you won't have to worry:)
  5. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    What kind of mount did you use, Southern?
  6. It came with it but it has IRONSIGHTER ingaved on it. I will see if I can find it on a website for ya.
  7. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    I see some "No Gunsmithing" scope mounts available for the No.4, I WONDER how it mounts, to the rear sight base?

    But then again, I probably won't mess with it, after all the trouble to get it back to STOCK it kinda would be going the other way again to put a scope on it NOW....and I prefer them to be like they were "in the war...."

    (but then again, If I COULD find a "removable" mount, then it truly WOULD be a "convertible," right??:D )

    But then AGAIN, as complicated as they are to remove everything up front, with the two handguards, bands, removing the trigger guard, and the front sight wings, and the sight itself in the way of removing stuff, I wonder if ANY Brit or Canuck EVER "detailed stripped" their Enfield in service....
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  8. The S&K mount works beautifully, Polish; that's what I used on mine. Take a look here: http://www.scopemounts.com/ On mine at least the mount is rock solid (unlike a certain mount you used on a Mosin 44 once-upon-a-time, but we won't go there :D ). One of the nice things about the Enfield No. 4 Mark I is that it has a receiver-mounted rear sight. You can attach a scope mount to the rear sight and not have to use an LER scope (which I find ackward) to make it work.
  9. Yo Polish I can't really tell from the picture but does it have the peep sight if not I have see sum ever once and awile on the auction sites. That would offer better sights and make it look more originall than a scope
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  10. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    I didn't see your question, southern, sorry!

    Yeah, it has the simple two position flip up rear peep sight, one marked "300" and the other marked "600." This is the MKI*, the MKI had the rear peep that was fully adjustible on a ladder that stretched from the stripper guid to the rear bridge, but they "simplified" them halfway through the war like we did with the 03A3 to make them easier and cheaper to make, although all they really did was give it the simpler sight, which wasn't good, but then again they simplified the way the bolt was retained or removed, which is good.

    But I've had guys say that it isn't hard to get "on" at 100 with it set at 300, you just have to use a low 6 oclock hold, and ACTUALLY, ballistically, it shouldn't be too bad, from the muzzle to 300, a center chest hold should hit somewhere between the belt buckle and the eyes, right?;) :p :cool:

    I just hope it's better than my M95 Steyr, lowest setting is 300, and I almost have to aim in the DIRT at 100 to hit paper....

    That's ONE of the reasons I prefer Russian Milsurp rifles to any others....the lowest setting is 100 yds, so you can hold dead on at "plinking" ranges....and the ammo is so cheap you can do a LOT of "plinking....':p
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