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  1. To get some AK drums all im findin is between $100/$140
    Would I be better off with a 75 round magazine?
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    Oct 18, 2003
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    Bud, "some drums" implies a war, not just a battle; my enperience with drum type mags would lead me to believe that the cheap ones are at that price, for good reason!
    A drum has a bunch more weight, and friction, than a box type mag, both of which can quickly compromise any hope of reliability; if you can find RELIABLE drums, pay whatever the seller asks, and feel fortunate.
    Personally, I shoot an FAL, and drums are non existant, but I would prefer the 20 rd box mags, even if the drums were plentiful, and cheap.
    My reasoning is simple; a drum would make the rifle, and the shooter, at least 4" taller, from prone, and the additional exposure could be hazardous to one's health!

  3. I like the 30 rounder stock mags on it but bumpfiring emptys them too quick just wanted to try somethin new.
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    So shoot slower and hit more;)
  5. It is a AK so no matter how I shoot it. It is pretty accurate. I try shootin slower but that defeats the purpose of an AK:) :D :)